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Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Critically important public safety efforts become more effective when agencies hold the power of data, technology, and process solutions. Real-time data analytics enable preventive action, resource allocation, and transparency to public safety, helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

We help agencies make data-driven decisions, improve reporting and quality assurance, build the tools that support end users, and do it all with smart design that provides user experience. We provide public safety and criminal justice consulting services to support your mission through engaged partnership that applies the technical excellence your complex problems demand through a collaborative framework.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

Specialists who bring public safety expertise, extensive technical knowledge, and emphatic enthusiasm for problem solving join forces to suggest solutions that meet your tough challenges. Your Resultant team starts with your outcomes in mind and then digs in to help you achieve them, staying on time and under budget while blazing past expectations.

We help clients get greater value from each project by carefully collaborating toward a strategy. We work closely with them through design and implementation, providing change management that ensures a solution is embraced and fully utilized. Along the way, we extend their resources by negotiating with vendors and through vigilant project management methodologies. Our cross-discipline teams offer broad perspective into your complex challenges. They become trusted partners, helping you achieve more than you’d thought possible.

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Experience and Expertise

We’ve been working in the public sector as long as we’ve been around, meeting complex public safety and criminal justice challenges with profound technical and policy-area expertise.

Historically, corrections organizations largely focused on the punitive aspects of incarceration, but with recidivism rates at 60% or higher, many agencies have searched for other answers. This has led to an expanding recognition that rehabilitation and training programs are a key component of the incarceration lifecycle. We helped the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) utilize advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to apply and act on the the data they already had on delivered programming and long-term outcome information. IDOC can now optimize programming for current offenders based on insight delivered directly to case managers through an interactive software application.

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For a police department that wanted to better utilize its traffic-stop data internally and to provide citizen access, we helped design and implement a tool for ingesting data, an internal dashboard for data analytics and a public-facing dashboard to support constituent transparency. Through discovery sessions with internal and external stakeholders, including the city IT staff, we designed, tested, and implemented a solution.

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