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The path to improving outcomes for students often begins with smart data and technology solutions, and there’s never been a better time to start.

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Remove obstacles to education with data and technology innovation.

Connecting students with essential hardware and Wi-Fi access removes a critical obstacle. Ensuring your technology functions well and your data provides the insights you need opens up entire worlds of possibility. We help students, teachers, and their school and district leaders achieve more through technical innovation.

$9 billion
Unused Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds (DOE)
Teachers reported spending more time troubleshooting technology since COVID (EdWeek)

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Indiana Department of Education Worked with Resultant to Build a Public Spending Dashboard to Continue Conversations about COVID-19 Federal Aid.

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Sr. Consultant, Education Services


Learn more about the potential of data and technology for K-12 education.

Access and Insight for All

Tripping over technology or data access is the last thing educators need while navigating obstacles at every turn. Easing the technology and data entry burdens aren’t the entirety of the education mission, of course, but those efforts often create a cascade effect that creates efficiencies and improves processes in ways that go beyond addressing current challenges, leaving educators more time to devote to their craft.  

For instance: The Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) program fills the gap schools left when they closed for families that receive free or reduced-cost meals there. We helped ensure a secure, flexible, easy-to-use data entry and validation system got off the ground quickly and helped more people get the assistance they needed. Because the state Department of Education will soon integrate the Ed-Fi data standard, that program (currently administered by another agency) will be rolled in, streamlining the process.  

But Ed-Fi does a lot more than integrate disparate data systems so data and insights can be exchanged. It makes data accessible and understandable with clear, concise data dashboards. That kind of accessibility illuminated the connection between attendance and ability to do laundry. When schools made it easy and free for families to do laundry, attendance went up by 85% 

What could clear data insight do for your district? Maybe you have technology problems to solve first. We help with software selection, technology strategy and planning, and cloud migrations that set districts on a solid foundation, keeping a close eye on budgets and the bigger picture of serving your schools and students.  

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