Year in Review | Top 2021 Content

In 2021, Resultant featured content related to a wide range of topics spanning our company’s extensive expertise, including data analytics, digital transformation, technology, and more.

From blog posts to case studies, whitepapers to webinars, we shared a ton of resources to help individuals interested in collaborating with us better understand the solutions we offer and the successes our clients have experienced as a result of our partnership. Read on!

BLOG | Resultant named to 2021 Best Places to Work in IT

Resultant was honored to be named one of the 100 top organizations across small, midsize, and enterprise categories that foster cultures of growth through career development, training, benefits, diversity, and retention efforts comprising the Best Places to Work in IT by IDG’s Insider Pro and Computerworld.

BLOG | Resultant Acquires Google Cloud Consulting Firm

One of the most exciting events of the last year was Resultant’s acquisition of Tempus Nova, a Denver-based consultancy with expertise in Google Cloud solutions and systems implementation.

WHITEPAPER | Sharpen your Technology Focus with an IT MSP

This whitepaper provides an in-depth how-to on the importance and benefits of an IT managed service partner including improved security, reliable maintenance, and greater alignment between IT strategy and business objectives.

BLOG | Creating a Mission-Driven Culture

Culture is everything to us at Resultant. Hear from our very own CEO, Mark Caswell, on how to create a great culture and continue to encourage employee adoption of that culture as an organization grows.

NEWS | 13-year-old IT, data analytics and digital transformation consultancy is now Resultant

You might have heard the news back in May, but, if you didn’t: we officially rebranded this year from KSM Consulting to Resultant. If you’re just finding out now, catch up on the how’s, when’s, and why’s with this post.

WEBINAR | Addressing the signs that it’s time to improve your accounting system

Some of our brightest financial minds recently led an informative webinar on accounting system modernization. In this free seminar, you’ll learn to spot inefficiencies in your current system, what a roadmap to an updated platform could look like, and how to shift your organizational culture to implement such a change.

BLOG | The Importance of Integrating Company Culture in Hiring and Onboarding

Brand Manager Stephen Tomasello shared his insights on how the interplay between brand and culture affects hiring and onboarding new team members to an organization.

CLIENT STORY | Bringing Clarity to a Critical Statewide Workforce System

One of our most-read client success stories this year was about our work with Indiana’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) (part of the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet). Learn how our team worked together with CTE to better understand their office’s effectiveness and provide a roadmap for next-gen improvements.

BLOG | The Bridge From Data Integration to Insight Is People

Senior Consultant Curt Merlau encourages a shift in thinking when it comes to data integration. Wondering how to start? Read more.

WEBPAGE | Our Brand 

Learn all about what makes Resultant (and us Rezzers) tick. Since our rebrand this year, we’ve really defined who and what we are as an organization. Explore now!



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