KSM Consulting Announces New Brand Identity, Job Growth

13-year-old IT, data analytics and digital transformation consultancy is now Resultant

INDIANAPOLIS (May 17, 2021 Release) — KSM Consulting, a leading consulting firm specializing in technology, data analytics, and digital transformation, today unveiled a strategic rebrand including the new Resultant name, logo, brand identity, and website. The new name represents the firm’s people-centric culture and approach to delivering positive client outcomes and reflects the organization’s independence from former parent company Katz, Sapper & Miller.

We’ve spent 13 years building a company we’re proud of, and we’re so excited to have developed a unique brand identity that represents who we are and how we make a difference for our clients and communities. This brand is reflective of the company we’ve been building for years, representing how we think great consulting is performed, blending both the deeply technical and the deeply human.

– Mark Caswell, CEO, Resultant

In addition, Resultant currently has 45 new employee openings in Indianapolis and beyond with open positions in IT, data, development, consulting, project management, and business operations. A further 50 hires are planned through the end of the year. The City of Fort Wayne and Allen County recently awarded Resultant a 3-year, $11.7M contract to serve as its preferred IT provider.

“We have bold plans for our future as Resultant, and our commitment to helping Indianapolis and communities across Indiana thrive has never been stronger,” continued Caswell.

In pursuing the new brand identity, Resultant first sought feedback through focus groups, surveys, and interviews from employees and clients to understand how the firm’s work and purpose are perceived. The findings confirmed that audiences internally and externally see the firm’s brand identity as synonymous with its employees and how they go about delivering results: from a place of empathy, client focus, deep expertise, and fearless problem solving.

“Typically, the elements of a brand are chosen to attract a certain type of customer, but little attention, if any, is paid to whether or not the brand resonates with the people inside the organization,” Caswell recently wrote in an Indianapolis Business Journal op-ed. “A brand should not only tell people on the outside who the org is; it should also remind those inside why the organization exists. That’s why the brands that ring true are those that represent employee perspectives, experiences and values.”

Since 2018, Resultant has increased its Indiana-based workforce by more than 160 percent. Now with more than 300 employees nationwide, Resultant has team members in offices including Indianapolis, Indiana; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; Lansing, Michigan; and Denver, Colorado as well as dispersed across the U.S.

Resultant’s vision for future growth includes having committed teams in more than ten cities and employing a total of 1,000 people by 2025.

KSM Consulting, now Resultant, was founded as a subsidiary of Indianapolis accounting firm Katz, Sapper & Miller, but became an operationally and financially independent organization following Renovus Capital Partners’ acquisition of a majority ownership stake in the company in March 2019. That year, Resultant expanded its team by more than 85 percent and built a cutting-edge risk illumination solution prototype with national security implications, earning the firm two awards at TechPoint’s 21st annual Mira Awards Gala, as well as nominations for Exceptional Employer in 2020 and 2021.

In 2021, Resultant was purchased by Investcorp and completed its acquisition of Tempus Nova, a Google application and implementation consulting firm based in Denver, CO. This was Resultant’s third acquisition with Connect Think, an Indianapolis-based web and app development firm, joining in 2019 and Advocate Solutions, a public sector consultancy, joining in 2020.

Founded in 2008, Resultant is a trusted partner to more than 700 public and private sector organizations throughout the United States, and specializes in data analytics, technology, and digital transformation.


About Resultant

Resultant is modern consulting firm with deep expertise in data analytics, technology, and digital transformation. The firm works in both the public and private sectors across all industries to help clients fulfill their missions, meet their goals, and solve their toughest challenges. Employees embody Resultant’s core values of Empathy, Client Focus, Fearless Problem Solving, and Deep Expertise while achieving the firm’s mission of “helping our clients, coworkers, and communities thrive.” The firm is headquartered in Indianapolis with employees and clients across the country. For more information, visit www.resultant.com.



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