Internal Onboarding Champions Program Merges Employee Mentorship and Social Integration

Here at Resultant, our people mean everything to us. We are committed to helping employees become their best selves by nurturing a culture that encourages shared and individual development, and we support opportunities for continuous growth and learning.  

Our Onboarding Champions program enables employees to improve their individual skill sets while giving back to others within the organization. This mentorship program has been specifically designed for incoming new hires and is part of our broader talent onboarding strategy. Employees who sign up to be part of our five-month Onboarding Champions program assist new hires with cultural adoption, organizational knowledge transfer, and social integration.  

Resultant Learning and Development Specialist Luke Wehner, who helped spearhead the creation of the program relates, “We saw a need that wasn’t being filled. A lot of feedback from recent hires was that they wanted a space to connect with others and have a space to ask the ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’ questions that can be hard to ask a manager or project team members.” 

Feedback from those who have recently gone through the program as new hire participants and Onboarding Champion mentors has been extremely positive. 

Ang McDowell is a change management specialist who joined Resultant this past July. After reflecting on her experience, she was grateful for the program’s ability to provide a safe space while becoming acquainted to work life at Resultant. 

“It was really helpful,” McDowell said, “and I felt like I was able to come on board a lot faster because of the support I received from my Onboarding Champion. A lot of it had to do with the willingness of my mentor to come alongside and support me. I know a lot of Rezzers because of the program, and I imagine that just about everyone could benefit from it!” 

Elisa Vicini, human resources coordinator, was drawn to the program because it helps new hires integrate into the culture and feel welcome: “We’ve all been the new person who doesn’t know anyone and trying to balance learning your new role, plus getting to know your team, and the company culture can be a lot for anyone. I love the idea of being able to help others through that process.” 

Technical Delivery Manager Michael Davis cited the value of relationship-building and connection as his main draws when it came to the program. 

“There are so many amazing skillsets and experiences on our staff that are capable of unlocking the difficult challenges we face with our clients,” Davis said. “The more Rezzers we get to know and spend time with, the more likely we will know quickly who to turn to for help with clients. Bottom line is that our fellow Rezzers are often our best resources.” 

Internal efforts to improve our work and strengthen our people is a high priority at Resultant. Do you believe in that same philosophy? Come work with us!




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