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With a structure that helps keep messages, tasks, and files organized, Microsoft Teams is the modern platform that makes organizational communication and collaboration work.

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Microsoft Teams helps make teamwork become more manageable and effective. With a structure that helps you keep messages, tasks, and files organized, a platform that makes communication easy, and a program that connects with other apps, Teams makes collaboration effortless.

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Microsoft Teams Use Cases

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app designed to be a communication platform for business. Your team can stay connected, informed, and organized on one platform that’s part of the Microsoft 365 suite of products.

Teams is designed with two primary channel types—standard, which is visible and accessible to anyone, and private, which offers restricted spaces confined to defined topics and specific audiences. Channels are powerful platforms for Teams in which meetings are held, conversations are hosted, and team members can collaborate on files.

Why Resultant Leverages Microsoft Teams

A lot of apps seem to offer similar features, but Microsoft Teams stands out through multiple features that deliver what they promise.

  • Credibility: Teams was developed by a brand that has proven itself reliable over the decades. And it keeps getting better: You can trust Microsoft developers to build updates and upgrades that make the user experience even more ideal.
  • Simplicity: The user interface is so straightforward that users need not break a sweat to navigate the app. Your team is always set to go on Teams with detailed prompts that can easily be located.

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams

The Quick Question Feature

Microsoft Teams solves the issue of short, one-line emails with the Chat feature, which allows users to quickly ask questions and get direct, easily traceable answers. You can also categorize and easily trace your conversations and any connected files by giving them titles. Create groups (or “teams”) to make communication even more orderly and easily accessible.

Microsoft Teams Video Calling

Microsoft Teams video calling makes it possible to hold virtual meetings from anywhere in the world. Microsoft Teams video calling has such a simple interface that a newbie doesn't need much guidance to get around. You can quickly start or join a meeting with the "Join" or "Meet Now" prompts.

Microsoft Planner App in Teams

If you belong to the club of multi-taskers, then Microsoft Teams comes through for you. Teams allows you to work with several apps at once, and its APIs support planning tools. Simply add a Planner app in Teams, and you're on your way to peak productivity. Look forward to adding all your favorite apps among OneNote, Power BI, SharePoint, and more.

Integration with the Microsoft 365 Suite

Teams combines every program on Microsoft 365, so you easily access the tools you need from one app. With OneNote or SharePoint, you can access and share a file, and Whiteboard also provides an effective replacement for displaying files and documents for your team.

Your Activity Feed

Microsoft Teams can stand in as an assistant that gives a quick rundown of all that happened at work while you were away. With the activity feed, you can check your messages, tasks sorted as urgent or important, chats and channels where you were mentioned, and things you must do. With all of these in the activity feed, you're ready to pick up from when you left off.


If you've not had it happen to you, you've most likely heard of it happening to others: a situation where sensitive company information or someone's personal information gets leaked because of  someone mindlessly replying to emails. The security on Teams has you covered without any extra double-checking. Teams allow you to stay productive while handling your security checks.

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