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Defend your organization's critical data and systems with the industry-leading internet and cybersecurity platform with real-time monitoring, threat-adaptive firewall, and malware deterrence.

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Resultant helps organizations thrive through technology, data, and digital transformation services.

Our Microsoft partnership enables us to serve clients' needs in whatever way drives the best possible result, defined by expert guidance and strategy. Across the private and public sectors, Resultant works within a range of industries to accommodate client needs and secure their platforms and devices.

Resultant partners with Microsoft Defender because it's an efficient and convenient security option for a great number of our clients. Not only does it integrate with all other Windows devices and systems, but it also works smoothly to prevent cyberattacks.

We work to present and manage solutions for all our clients in the way that best supports them. Microsoft Defender is a big part of that.

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Microsoft Defender Use Cases 

Many companies struggle with security issues in a rapidly changing world. Attackers use viruses, DDoS attacks, malware and ransomware, keylogging, phishing through emails, and many more tactics against companies and organizations of all kinds, with threats increasing each year. As technology advances, the risk of malicious security attacks increases.

We work to ensure our clients achieve complete protection in the security realm. Through Microsoft Defender, Windows devices can be:

  • Fully antivirus and anti-malware protected against cyberthreats
  • Automatically monitored and recorded
  • Measured against potential threats and viruses to the machines

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a threat and vulnerability management software that takes inventory of endpoints in real time. The information obtained through this tool analyzes and detects security vulnerabilities stemming from installed apps and missing patches. The software platform automatically detects, prioritizes, analyzes, and mitigates security vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently through hands-off monitoring.

By using Microsoft Defender, our clients know their work is fully protected and safe. The imminent threat of cyber insecurity and viruses is ever-present, so installing a system to guarantee protection against them is vital.

Microsoft Defender enables users to

  • Reduce service attacks by isolating the hardware and applications available to attack
  • Use technologically advanced protection by continuously scanning, incorporating machine learning, and finding new and emerging threats
  • Utilize quick endpoint protection and responses; Specialized Group attacks more efficiently uncovers the emergence of attacks and treats them appropriately

Why Resultant Leverages Microsoft Defender 

An intelligent, automated, and trusted endpoint security infrastructure is essential. Our expert team ensures you get the system that performs best for your organization. Resultant utilizes Microsoft Defender to guarantee that systems are managed and protected comprehensively. Cybersecurity threats and viruses occur daily, are increasingly common, and come with severe repercussions. You can take back control. Resultant ensures organizations have constant control over the systems that run at any given time:

  • Companies have a say on which apps to run and at which times, minimizing their risk against cybersecurity threats and viruses.
  • Security Systems can be integrated. If a business uses other security measures, they can combine all systems with Microsoft Defender's antivirus capabilities to maximize protection.
  • Virtually eliminate the risk for large-scale attacks. By using this system, businesses can significantly receive the risk of getting attacked by a threat. In the event of an attack, it works to eliminate the assailant and prevent another attack efficiently.
  • AI features are implemented and constantly look out for potential threats. To the user's benefit, Microsoft Defender can readily detect and more quickly prioritize attacks.

The Benefits of Microsoft Defender

Bad actors have endless reasons to hack into a company's infrastructure—sensitive and confidential information stored on a server, for example, or protected financial data. Whatever the reason, there must be a plan and a system to address the situation when—and before—it happens.

As the technology field is ever-evolving, businesses must keep up, manage threats, and adapt. If stakeholders fail to evolve in the same way risks do, they will fall victim to security gaps and malicious threats via viruses.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enables systems to work together to address the issues organizations regularly face today. With Microsoft Defender, businesses can:

  • Choose which apps to run and at which times
  • Continuously scan endpoints and use machine learning
  • Manage and respond to cyberattacks more efficiently
  • Create a map for security purposes
  • Detect and prioritize attacks quickly

ATP is designed to integrate and efficiently work with Microsoft's Threat Protection solution to achieve end-to-end secured systems. The solution includes Azure Advanced Threat Protection, the Azure Security Center, Azure Information Protection, Conditional Access, Microsoft Cloud App Security, and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

Resultant Harnesses Microsoft Defender’s Capabilities 

Resultant incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide users with the most advanced and consistent protection while integrating seamlessly with other products within the Microsoft Suite.

Constant Protection

Microsoft Defender is continually working to protect your organization from being attacked by cyberthreats. It is crucial to have a system before these risks affect you.

Newest Technology

Having the latest technology available to your organization is beneficial in growing and sustainably protecting your data and systems.

Compatible with Other Microsoft Devices

Microsoft Defender is compatible with all Microsoft Devices, whether a phone, tablet, or computer. It's effortless to use as a new system.


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