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Aligning technology and business strategy so your organization can thrive requires advanced expertise, insight, and strategic thinking.

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Partner with our reliable virtual CIO consulting services to sharpen your business strategy.

Without strong oversight and a sound technology strategy, your organization can’t reach its potential. Adding a dedicated VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) to your team as an advisor and strategist—one backed by a team of data scientists, IT specialists, and business consultants—ensures you become more effective and efficient. A Virtual CIO provides the objective expertise of a technology leader invested in your business strategy.

Our chief information operating system (ciOS) process ensures you’re getting everything you need, based off what the most successful CIOs bring to the table. This proprietary process starts with a detailed look at your current IT environment, how your teams utilize it, and your business strategy. It gives us the understanding we need to outline a prioritized technology roadmap for supporting your organization now and as it grows—whether you need objective support for an established CIO or on-call expertise to fill that role.

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ciOS Methodology: How our Virtual CIO solutions benefit your technology strategy

Focusing on five critical areas that enable an organization to thrive, our ciOS methodology takes careful stock of where you are now and details your way forward. Our virtual CIO helps you outline a strategic roadmap that prioritizes and schedules projects by quarter, offering quick wins and identifying the projects that will provide your greatest business impact.

1. Leadership Workshop

Your leadership team and ours collaborate toward identifying goals and challenges across the organization. We help you find the opportunities that will drive your strategy.

2. Technology Strategy Benchmark

Our team dives into the ways your technology serves your strategy and where it comes up short, detailing how your teams are supported and frustrated by the tools at hand and the changes that can help them achieve.

3. Annual Technology Roadmap

Taking a look at your most pressing needs and your greatest opportunities provides the perspective you need to prioritize changes. We provide a full picture of the projects we recommend, including cost and projected business impact, to help you move forward.

4. Quarterly Project Plans

An effective technology strategy requires vigilance, and our virtual CIO helps you create the project plans that keep you moving forward. Your quarterly plans include analysis of progress to help you adapt and continue to implement the highest-priority projects, even when priorities shift.

5. Implementation and Management

Our team shines when it comes to implementing technology solutions successfully. They’re technical experts who carefully manage each project to ensure your teams embrace the solution and you reach the outcomes you want.


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Get the Objective Expertise of a Virtual CIO Invested in Your Business Growth.

If you’re like the vast majority of small- and medium-sized businesses trying to get by without a chief information officer, we get it—that’s not a small salary to add to the budget. The good news is that there’s an in-between option for aligning your technology and business strategies so that your teams have all the tools they need to thrive.

Even if you have someone filling a CIO or similar role, augmenting might be a good option. Truly great CIOs, like other truly great C-suite representatives, are rare and invaluable. The ones who get the best outcomes for their organizations are proactive, making course corrections as often as necessary and combining elements of other C-suite positions: risk management, success management, and forward-thinking leadership. Only a rare person can nimbly and effectively execute such a wide range of skills, which is why we (and you) are here.

Simply evaluating your hardware, networks, and a handful of systems falls short of the insight you need most. Looking at technology through this isolated, tunnel-vision lens will not produce outcomes that help you thrive; a holistic approach is the only way to total organizational health. The Resultant ciOS methodology gives a big-picture view, including regular health and alignment reviews. Relevant insights come from understanding an organization’s culture and how its current technology supports or falls short for the people who use it. Strategic alignment with an organization’s mission depends on a full consideration of people, processes, and technology. That’s where our Virtual CIO team starts. Where you go from there is limitless.

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