CIO Transformation: From Order-taker to Change-maker

VP of Technology Services Mike Vance recently shared advice about serving as a transformative CIO with the readers of CIO Magazine. To be a transformative CIO, not an order-taker, Vance recommends developing a system to be strategic, rather than reactive. For Mike, when he served in the role of CIO at international organizations, this system included business advisory councils and business relationship analysts, as well as an in-depth understanding of the organization’s strategic plan.  

“This helped IT prioritize collaboratively with the departments to get things done, because without something like this people stop you in the hallway to advocate for pet projects and then your priorities would always be changing,” he says. “It also provides a level of cover for those doing the work, because they know what they actually have to do.” 

This approach allowed Vance to align the company’s IT strategy with business objectives—a key component of impact when it comes to CIO success. 

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