What Drives Successful Digital Transformation?

This past October, InformationWeek published an article concentrated on IT Consulting Services featuring Resultant VP of Technology Services, Mike Vance. This article explored the digital challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to business IT and the rapid learnings and innovations that came about because of it related to business continuity, business operations, rapid adaptations, customer relationships, and continuous improvement that play into a successful digital transformation.

IT leadership has an important role to play far beyond technological enablement. They make technology projects more manageable and adopt an ethos of experimentation and continuous improvement in an organization. At Resultant, one of our core values is Deep Expertise. Every Resultant is dedicated to developing deep expertise in their craft—technically and as a consultant. Digital transformation is a prime example of how this value is seen in action in our company. It is an operational state that enables organizations to develop deeper relationships with customers, improve operational efficiency, and push towards innovation.

“Business continuity plans have frequently been addressed solely in the context of information technology, but this year has proved how far-reaching these plans need to be.”

Mike Vance

To learn more about some common challenges of digital transformation plans like lost momentum, time and cost budgets, bad vendor advice, and more, read the full article in InformationWeek.



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