A Day in the Life of a Resultant Organizational Change Management Consultant 

Resultant is proud to have a wide array of clients in a multitude of industries and markets. No matter the type of company we work with or project we engage in, the need for organizational change management (OCM) services is an absolute constant. Whether helping restructure an existing workflow to be more efficient or sun-setting an aging technology infrastructure in favor of the latest cloud-based system, the only constant (no, really!) is change.

And because changes affect real people in the real world, helping navigate these treacherous waters has become a specialty.

Our OCM consultants work closely with organizational leadership and those who will be affected by the change to understand their fears and challenges, help create a tailored transition plan, and then assist in the actual change implementation. Often, they also leverage digital adoption tools that may assist in the transition process or contextualize a transformation for the internal team.

Resultant OCM consultants are specialized experts within the fields of management, workflows, and, quite frankly, humanity. The main goal of an OCM consultant is to aid in a company’s transformation by engaging the company’s employees so they feel they are evolving with the company, not being left behind.

Meet Allison Potteiger, Resultant Organizational Change Management Consultant

“We help take teams through any kind of project change by making sure they’re prepared for the change, helping manage through the change, and ensuring that change is sustained.”

Allison spends most of her days in meetings with clients to fully understand the contours of any change occurring within an organization and working to make sure employees have the necessary training and knowledge to succeed in their new environment. Allison’s expertise resides in her experience with internal communications and strategic planning. She uses these skills to listen and communicate with clients so they feel heard, involved, and part of the change process.

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