Resultant Named Google Cloud Industry Solution Partner of the Year–Public Sector

There’s big news around here, and we couldn’t be happier to let you know we’ve been recognized as Google Cloud Industry Solution Partner of the Year – Public Sector. Working with the Google Cloud products and people has been an exciting part of our business over the past year, enabling projects we’re especially proud of, and to be recognized for that work is a thrill.

The award recognizes projects that helped state agencies in Colorado and Iowa leverage the cloud to modernize legacy infrastructure and applications; utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning; and put data to work in a secure, reliable, and efficient way. It also recognizes our work helping the Internal Revenue Service reach its digitization goals and building a revolutionary learning management system with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

MDOC, in partnership with Resultant and Google, is expanding the development of its scalable statewide learning management system that offers offenders the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for seamless transitions into the workforce and community. Proven out during a 2021 pilot implementation for Michigan correctional facilities, the Google Workspace, Classroom, and Chromebook solution has offered students expanded access to virtual instruction, certification programs, the electronic law library, and repository of support documentation they can use to market themselves upon re-entry to the workforce. This was made possible in part by migrating outdated legacy systems to a cloud platform that provides reliable uptime, premium security, and a view of the entire education process for an offender.

As one of the nation’s leading cloud consulting firms, it’s an honor to be recognized for our work with Google Cloud. The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our incredible team as they take on some of the biggest challenges facing the public sector today and delivering world-class solutions that benefit these agencies and the populations they serve.

– Mark Caswell, CEO, Resultant

That team currently includes more than 70 Google Cloud certified experts, including cloud engineers, cloud devops engineers, cloud security engineers, cloud network engineers, cloud developers, and cloud architects.



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