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The power of custom business apps has been democratized. Welcome to Microsoft Power Apps. The low-code solution for enabling your workforce to design, develop, and deploy the tools they need to get the job done.

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The Resultant approach to solving problems is collaborative, innovative, and outcomes-driven.

We partner with our clients to provide the just-right solution to their technology and digital transformation problems. For many of those solutions, we utilize Power Apps for coding and application development. Many organizations are overwhelmed by challenges related to learning how to code, hiring in-house developers, and the intricacies of application development. Microsoft Power Apps gives organizations the ability to make work easier, more productive, and more efficient.

The importance of transformative technologies in today’s business cannot be overemphasized. Any organization that seeks success must continually look for ways to stay ahead of the curve to provide quality services to their customers, and adopting technologies that closely align with organizational core goals makes that possible. Power Apps is among the tools that empower organizations by enabling them to easily create customized mobile applications that customers can download and use on their tablets and smartphones.

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Why Resultant Leverages Power Apps

With Power Apps, data can be formatted in Excel, saved to a cloud location, and used as a data source for Power Apps using Excel as a connector. Other interrelationships between Power Apps and Windows products are:

  • Canvas apps can connect to SharePoint by adding data from a SharePoint list to an existing app or displaying data from a SharePoint library.
  • Microsoft Outlook can be linked as a connector to create controls within an app to display, send, and delete messages, send attachments, and maintain calendars.
  • Power BI integration allows applications to display a list of alerts created in Power BI and project status. Power BI can pass context-aware data with real-time updates in canvas applications as changes are made to the report.

The Benefits of Power Apps

Power Apps is a potent tool that offers many capabilities to individuals, businesses, and organizations, enabling users to build custom apps and APIs and publish and deploy them using the same protocols that power everything else online. Power Apps help users create user-friendly apps that provide an efficient means of carrying out their day-to-day tasks. Powers Apps also solves the following problems for users: 

Low-Code Software

Enables users without prior coding or application development experience to create customized apps using low-code software application development techniques.

Premade Templates

Drag and drop components into flow-chart style formation to create apps from premade templates or create a framework from scratch using Microsoft's Common Data Service (CDS) for more technically complex apps.

Design Flexibility

Without data structuring concerns, canvas applications drag and drop components to design a more intuitive user interface. More than 200 out-of-the-box available connectors permit greater design flexibility.

Improved User Experience

Unified Interface for model-driven applications provides consistent user experience between devices using reflow to optimize the user interface across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Powerful Customization

Model-driven applications are built from data stored in CDS, a cloud storage space that stores business application data in the form of entities. Standard entities can be used to cover a range of basic applications, or custom entities can be created, populated using Power Query, and used to build more nuanced and individualized applications.

Permission-Based Security

Role-based security model controls user access to sensitive data and creates permissions based on organizational hierarchies.

Resultant Harnesses the Power of Microsoft Power Apps

Our experience with Power Apps shows that it empowers organizations to build their apps and solutions without consigning them to a third party. It has dramatically simplified the development of mobile apps.

  • Power Apps does not require any coding language or experience to create applications.
  • Power Apps is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.
  • Power Apps is integrated with the Microsoft Suite of software products and third-party applications, including major social media platforms, Slack, Dropbox, and Salesforce.


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