Moving to insight from integrated data.

Through a web of providers and opportunities that spans every stage of development, the education sector holds tremendous influence and rises to especially meaningful challenges. Finding the answers that move these systems forward depends on not just connectivity among systems but a shift in how data is utilized.

Our team includes a number of specialists who’ve taught, researched, and served as administrators within the education system. They’re technical and education experts passionate about solving problems to help educators and students thrive.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Education Consulting Services

Working in education can be complex to say the least. Public and private organizations often compete and cooperate; interact and overlap. Institutions are often large, diverse, and have competing interests that can sometimes work against each other to compromise success. But we’re skilled at handling all of the moving parts when working with education clients, and we put a special emphasis on involving all stakeholders, getting feedback, and making consistent progress toward objectives with many different types of projects, including:

We understand how vital technology is to today’s students and teachers. We will work with you to create a technology plan that fits your specific needs. We will offer advice on selecting the right technologies to address your specific problems and develop and implement a plan to help you meet your goals, in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Technology Solutions

As the demand for better accountability measures in education increases, it’s not enough for states to simply collect data—they need to use that data to improve outcomes. Data is a powerful tool, but it’s only as useful as the conversations it starts. We can help extract and make available powerful insights from the data that’s already available, helping drive improvements in curricula and pinpointing underserved students where early intervention can make a profound impact.

Data Analytics Solutions

Educational institutions are now amid a transition period from the traditional classrooms and book learning model to online classes, hybrid learning, and internet-enabled communications. It’s the most dramatic shift education has seen in over 100 years – and it’s happening now. Our digital transformation experts can help sort out the hope from the hype, working with you to be ready for what comes next.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Client Stories

We collaborate with our clients to help them find solutions to their toughest challenges.

Career and Technical Education

Indiana’s CTE system plays a vital role for schools, students, and employers. Our work with the State of Indiana has helped bring clarity to decisions about program structure and course incentives to facilitate greater effectiveness for CTE and better outcomes for citizens.

Early Childhood Integrated Data System

When an ECIDS wasn’t performing as expected, state leaders were eager to pinpoint why good intentions and a major investment hadn’t yielded the insight that would improve programs for children and families.

Indiana Ed-Fi Data Exchange

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) invited Resultant to support the implementation of its modernization initiative, Data Exchange, which will improve the way schools transfer and certify data to the state.

Education Workforce Database

The State of Indiana needed to better utilize education, workforce, and services data to inform decision-making and transparency and to improve Indiana’s workforce. Our team worked collaboratively across various agencies to develop a statewide longitudinal data system.

Council of Chief State Officers (CSSO)

As CSSO takes the lead in defining the optimal digital learning ecosystem, Resultant is serving as trusted advisor and critical support resource to the organization’s Education Data and Information Systems (EDIS) leadership, actively engaging state education CIOs, coordinating with SIS Vendors and data standards bodies, and collaborating with strategic partners to help close the digital divide.

Regional Apprenticeship Model Design

Regional Apprenticeship Model Design: For a regional workforce development intermediary, the Resultant team was called upon to help develop a strategic plan, financial sustainability model, and turn-key toolkit to support implementation of an apprenticeship approach in conjunction with regional K-12, post-secondary, and industry partners.

Education Solutions Powered by Google + Resultant

One of the biggest challenges of our time is how to engage students and manage their limited time. These challenges become more manageable with tools that provide collaboration and connection, boost productivity, and support student learning.

Resultant is an authorized 2021 Google Workspace for Education Partner, enabling institutions across the country transition to the platform that helps make your school community’s desired outcomes a reality.

Learn more about Google Workspace for Education

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