Resultant’s Joshua Milligan Named a Finalist in Tableau Public’s 2017 Iron Viz Contest

First Zen Master. Now Iron Viz finalist. Resultant’s own Joshua Milligan was named the “Big Winner” for the first of three Tableau Public Iron Viz Geospatial feeder contests earlier this month. His submission, The Changing Shape of History: From Colonies to the United States, featured a comprehensive history of the United States with design nods to historical documents.

Because of his win, Joshua will be a contestant on stage at the 2017 Tableau Conference in Las Vegas from October 9-12. As one of three contestants, he’ll then have a chance at the title of Iron Viz champion.

“I’m honored and humbled… and incredibly excited!” Joshua said. “I think the reality of being on stage in front of thousands of people is starting to set in. I’ll definitely be brushing up on some design and data storytelling skills, along with some speed.  I can’t wait to see the data set!”

Here are additional details about the Iron Viz contest:

  • 2017 is the seventh Iron Viz competition and will once again return to Las Vegas, where it all began.
  • Three feeder contests determine the three contestants.
  • There were 62 incredible entries in the first feeder contest.
  • The next two feeder contests will be announced over the next few months.
  • At Las Vegas, the contestants will have 20 minutes to take a data set and create a data visualization that tells a compelling story.
  • The contestants will build dashboards live in front of the audience in a demonstration of speed and skill.
  • The winner will be determined by a panel of judges based on visual aesthetics, best practices and strength of the story.
  • Popular vote by live audience attendees via Twitter will give one contestant a 10-point bonus.

Tableau Public isn’t the only one recognizing Joshua’s data visualization skills. He’s also received countless tweets of support and even a blog post written about his Iron Viz win. Resultant couldn’t be happier for Joshua and is lucky to have him on our staff. Congrats, Joshua! 



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