Meet Our People: Orr Fellows Edition

Resultant is a proud supporter – and beneficiary of the phenomenal talent – of Indianapolis’ Orr Fellowship program which pairs great talent from Indiana and beyond with growing technology-oriented businesses in Indianapolis.

Today, there are 10 Resultant employees who are either currently in the two-year Orr Fellowship program or are alumni. To understand what makes Resultant and the Orr Fellowship such a great pairing, we interviewed our three current Orr Fellows, Anderson Smith, Nathan Reed, and Luke Whitaker, to hear about their experience with the Fellowship, Resultant, and the Indianapolis tech community. Anderson Smith is a Consultant on the Data Analytics team. Nathan Reed is a Consultant on the Business Analysis team. Luke Whitaker serves as an Associate Consultant in Business Intelligence.

Why did you choose to pursue the Orr Fellowship at Resultant?

Anderson: I studied engineering in my undergrad and wanted an opportunity to try out business and get a different exposure to what I studied in the past. Especially with the diversity of projects that we work on at Resultant, I’ve been able to learn so much, very quickly.

Nathan: I knew I wanted to do something in consulting, specifically in the government arena. Going through the Fellowship process, Resultant’s work in that space really stood out to me and was on my radar as a company I was interested in.

What has surprised you most about consulting?

Luke: I’ve learned that even if clients have very similar problems from a technical standpoint because every company operates differently, every solution has to be tailored to the client.

Anderson: Almost all of the challenges we see have some element of a people problem in it. That is always the most challenging piece to solve. Not how to functionally or technically solve the challenge, but how to really make a solution that will work well for the client in consideration of the people.

What has been your favorite activity in the Orr Fellowship so far?

Nate: The speaker series has definitely been my favorite. At DePauw, I would always go see whatever speaker they would bring. I was able to be the President Ambassador to the speakers which meant that I hosted the speakers at the President’s house. Because of that, I had the opportunity to meet David Cameron, Malala, and Jenna Fisher. It’s been great to be able to continue learning from speakers throughout my time with the Orr Fellowship.

Luke: Also, you hear other Fellows ask questions of the speakers and were able to talk to each other about what the speakers said. To experience all the different perspectives from them about the same speaker is really interesting.

What’s been your most rewarding day at Resultant?

Nate: We have a massive keyboard art installation at the Resultant Headquarters, our downtown office, and there are tons and tons of keyboard keys on it. We were told that the Resultant Values are hidden in the installation. The most rewarding day I’ve had, is the day I found one of those values. Honestly, it was maybe one of the most rewarding days of my entire life.

What are you looking forward to the most in your career?

Luke: I’m really looking forward to just getting to know everyone that I work with and helping them make an impact. That’s something I’ve always been passionate about. I don’t want it to be about me, or the money, but I want to see a difference with my clients, or the community at large.

What do you like most about Indy?

Nate: That “Hoosier Spirit” runs deep here in Indianapolis. Coming from a more rural part of Indiana and then moving to the biggest city in Indiana and still having that kind of sense is really enjoyable. Also, Yatz.

Luke: I like how it is a big city but it’s a small city. Especially in the business community, I’ve found that everyone knows each other. Both of my brothers work in Chicago and it’s a massive city and it seems overwhelming. Indy is the best of both worlds.

What’s your favorite Resultant Value?

Anderson: For me, fearless problem solving is my favorite value. It’s the one I relate to the most. When I’m working on something that I already know how to do, that’s when I need to really challenge myself and do something differently. That’s why I love that we’re always looking for new solutions for clients and really pushing the boundaries of what we know is feasible and what we think may be feasible and might lead to a better solution for our clients.

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