Meet Our People: Lisa Kabat

Joining us just this year with the Tempus Nova acquisition, Lisa Kabat has long established herself as a driven leader and a talented sales executive. Lisa provides true value to clients by approaching them with questions and taking time to understand the source of their challenges before beginning to work with them to develop forward-thinking solutions.

“I believe in building relationships. When working with each of my clients, I begin by asking them questions to determine the best possible outcome for their problems. As we are building solutions together, we are also simultaneously building relationships. Even after the deal is closed, I work to maintain the customer relationship that was formed.”

Get to know Lisa

As part of the acquisition of Tempus Nova, you’ve recently joined Resultant – How has your experience been so far?

I joined Tempus Nova in 2013 as its first outside sales representative as the company began to expand its sales team. It was a great experience to be a part of as I helped grow the sales team into what it is today—a successful and skilled department. When we heard the news this past summer about Tempus Nova becoming a part of Resultant, I can honestly say I was thrilled. Before working with Resultant, as a sales representative, I was only able to offer my clients Google solutions. There would be problems that my clients would present to me that I wasn’t able to solve with the current systems we provided. However, I am now better able to serve my clients because of all of the different services Resultant offers. Resultant has provided me with training in a plethora of services. From a technology perspective, there isn’t anything Resultant can’t do for its clients.

What do you strive to provide each of your clients with?

I want to be the person that my clients can come to with questions. I want to provide incredible service so they know picking up the phone to ask me something is easier than anything else. I will work to find the answers, and if I don’t have them, I will find someone that does. It is always my goal to provide my clients with solutions that are sustainable. Often, when working with technology systems, terminology tends to get overwhelming, so I prioritize my clients’ understanding of the outcome over moving quickly to develop intricate and complex solutions.

What has surprised you about Resultant?

I have been so impressed by the support from every team. It has been so helpful to have assistance from the marketing team, the brand team, and so many more. It felt like Christmas when I found out that I have endless templates and tools in place for me to use. All the resources Resultant has provided allow me to spend more time creating great solutions for my clients.

In addition, I have been grateful for the culture of this organization. Everyone is so well respected, approachable, and supportive. I am motivated to bring my best self to work because I feel lifted by those around me.

Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

I am an extremely avid runner that most people would probably consider to be ridiculous. Ever since grade school, I have had a love for running. I continued to run in college and still today I am ultra-runner as I typically run between twenty-five to thirty miles every single day outside, no matter the weather conditions.

What advice would you give to a young woman going into sales?

When you’re on the phone with a client, as cheesy as it may be, always smile. It always translates through your voice.

Sales is a numbers game—it always takes so many “no’s” to get to a “yes.” Every time you get another “no”, you are that much closer to getting your “yes.”

Stay positive and keep moving forward. Remember not to take a lost sale personally because, with the right solutions, the right clients will come.

As the saying goes, “you have two ears and one mouth.” Ask your question and let the client do the talking because they will give you all the information you need.



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