Meet Our People: Dave Work

I came to Resultant looking for a challenge, and I found it.

Dave Work is always looking for problems, but only because he really, really enjoys solving them. His determination to find a problem and its solution make him one of Resultant’s most valuable teammates. He credits quite a few of his colleagues with fostering this same spirit of helpfulness and support.

People here are willing to help each other out. It’s a welcoming and nonthreatening kind of space. People are competitive, but in a way that’s competitive against the problem. Like it’s us against whatever we’re trying to solve for a client to make a difference.

Currently, Dave’s favorite project is with the IRS. His team is helping the agency incorporate machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR). He salutes the IRS and its internal team for their focus and transparency.

The team they have there is super open. They’re fun, easy-going, and really great to work with. And they’re people-focused.

People focus is a big point of emphasis for Dave. He loves to surprise friends and colleagues with baked goods on their birthdays and his smile is basically an office fixture. He also loves to help people through his work.

One of the big things that excites me about my work is being able to solve tough, meaningful problems that matter and impact people. There are multiple different projects internally that I’ve worked through and helped others work through that have been huge challenges for me, and that’s what has helped me grow.

Dave’s passion for problem-solving and serving his clients, colleagues, and friends make him a crucial part of Resultant’s team.

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