Meet Our People: Bernardo Unzueta

Bernardo is a challenge-fueled data architect who hasn’t faced a problem he couldn’t solve. A life-long learner, Bernardo has tried his hand in just about every IT role – from programmer to web developer to owning his own company. He draws from this wide array of experience to develop solutions to the toughest challenges thrown at him.

Though he’s worn many hats, data has always been the common denominator. Bernardo has a passion for uncovering insights in data. Through data and technology, he’s been able to make an impact on community challenges, like working to address the opioid epidemic and recidivism with Resultant clients.

Bernardo has found a home at Resultant as the leader of our data engineering team.

Share a little bit about your role at Resultant.

As a data architect, I look to understand the data needs of a client and build structures to support those needs. Every company is different, so every company’s data needs are different, and that keeps my job really exciting. Every day is a new challenge for me to solve.

What makes you most excited to come to work each day?

I love working with the team. Everyone brings a different perspective to solving client challenges and it’s fun to see what people come up with. I love talking with people and learning how they think. We have great conversations and have become a tight-knit group.

But it’s not just the data team. What’s great about Resultant is that people from different practices all come together to solve problems. It’s very rewarding talking with people who have the same mission: to solve challenges.

What is your favorite Resultant value?

I have to say empathy. In consulting, you have to quickly analyze how people work and how they communicate. You have to learn the culture of your clients and identify how you can best help them with their challenges.

Just for fun…what are your favorite sports teams?

My favorite sports are baseball and soccer. For baseball, my favorite team is the Yankees. My father is a big Yankees fan and he passed that to me. My son is even named after Derek Jeter. For soccer, FC Barcelona. They’re the most talented team and Messi is unstoppable.



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