Meet Our People: Anna Peterson

“I see artistry in my everyday work…really in everything. When I start a project, the very first thing I do is get out a pencil and paper and draw out what I’m thinking in my head, before anything else. I love that process of it; starting from black and white on paper and seeing it come to life to this beautiful, colorful, data visualization that you get to share with your clients.”  

Anna Peterson grew up in Carmel, Indiana and attended Purdue University where she tried out several majors, unsure of what path was right.  

“I think I was a chemist, an engineer, an artist, all different majors at one point in time. But I found my way into economics and computer science and data, and I really loved it.”  

After college, Anna worked for the State of Indiana in labor economics. While in this role, she embarked on a path that would ultimately lead to her role on the Resultant Data Analytics team.  

Meet Anna Peterson.

“I was mostly working on data and spreadsheets and reports, and my team would come to me and they’d say, ‘Let’s make this something that’s a lot more usable and beautiful so that the greater organization or executive management will adopt it.’ I took the chance to put my (artistic) touch on it and make it pretty and add color. I loved the creative aspect of it, building something beautiful with data and being able to use my degree and my skillset. And that’s how I came to Resultant as well.” 

Anna’s been with Resultant for nearly three years, and today, she is a Business Intelligence Team Lead on our Data Analytics team. Anna’s path to tech was not linear in the slightest, but her background allows her to bring a fresh perspective to the work she does. Building client dashboards typically involves out-of-the-box thinking, as the tools are designed to make complex information digestible to the general public.  

“There are dedicated teams that are focused on the inner workings of a problem or something that we may experience every day. We might think we’re just going to do our online shopping, but there’s an amazing team that is behind that user experience. And it’s interesting to learn all of the things that they have to do to make it so successful so that we don’t have to think twice about it.” 

Client work is another aspect of the job Anna adores. She is constantly singing the praises of her clients and the collaborative efforts that allow her work to be done and done well.  

“When I finally get to share a dashboard with my client, it’s the best feeling. Knowing that you’ve worked so hard on something, and you’ve poured your heart into it and not only is it functional and useful, but it’s beautiful and they love it. It’s just the best feeling in the world.” 

Anna is one of many Resultant team members with a unique background, bringing a different perspective to problem solving for our clients. As a modern consulting firm, our team believes solutions are more valuable, transformative, and meaningful when reached together. We pride ourselves on solving problems with our clients, rather than for them. Teammates like Anna listen and understand a client and involve them in achieving a better outcome.  

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