How Tableau and Alteryx Helped Push One Candidate to a Mayoral Race Victory

Local political campaigns are revving up once again, and Tableau and Alteryx are on the forefront of electoral data. Community volunteer Coby Sparks, who you might remember from our J. Renee Case Study, shared how he leveraged both platforms to help a mayoral candidate in Carrollton, TX, Kevin Falconer, gain an edge in a heated local race.

A Data-Based Starting Point

Since voting records are public, at least in terms of who voted in what elections (not who they voted for), Coby recognized this could give his campaign a good opportunity to know where to start. So as long as he knew who in the city was most likely to vote in local elections, he knew where the campaign should focus most of its time and resources. This would help the campaign better target its messaging.

Taking Advantage of Alteryx Data Blending

While voter election history is a vital set of data, there are others, such as voter responses to automated calls and voter location, that contribute to the overall story. By building an Alteryx workflow, the campaign could accurately blend the data to determine which voters were most likely to not only show up to the polls, but vote Falconer once they got there.

Using Tableau to Map Out Outreach

After blending the data in an Alteryx workflow, Tableau could then be used to determine which locations, down to individual homes, would be the most valuable targets for campaign messaging. Grassroots campaign volunteers could use the Tableau-generated maps to plot out where they would distribute their materials as they walked from door to door.


As an important addition, Tableau was used to take into account the voters who already went to the polls. This prevented wasted effort and messaging and allowed campaign members to target the most relevant audience.

At the end of the day, Alteryx and Tableau helped the canvasing teams pull in the data they needed on a daily basis, do the analysis and put the information in the hands of the volunteers who were going door to door to increase the efficiency of their efforts.  Oh, by the way, Kevin ended up winning the race.

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