John Roach Named to IBJ’s 2021 Forty Under 40 Class

Resultant’s 13th employee recognized for his significant role in shaping how government agencies and SMEs use data to improve decision-making

INDIANAPOLIS (June 7, 2021 Press Release) — Resultant, a leading consulting firm specializing in technology, data analytics, and digital transformation, announced that the Indianapolis Business Journal has named president John Roach to its 2021 Forty Under 40 class. He joins leaders from organizations like InnovateMap, Regenstrief Institute, Terminus, and United Way of Central Indiana.

From being one of the first to use computer simulations to engineer improvements to aircraft turbine engines at Rolls-Royce to conceptualizing completely new technologies to improve the way governments use data to inform decision-making, John’s vision and technical expertise have accelerated Indiana’s position as a leader in data and technology. Throughout his 10 years at Resultant, John has helped grow the organization from 13 to more than 300 employees and 700 clients nationwide, as well as expand services through three acquisitions.

“John has been an incredible friend and partner for many years, first at Rolls-Royce and now at Resultant,” said Mark Caswell, CEO of Resultant. “His ability to solve the world’s toughest problems using innovative technology, but in a human-centered way, is incredible. I’ve never met anyone quite like him, and I’m so excited he has received this honor. We’re all better off for getting to work with him.”

Development of Resultant’s Data Analytics Team and Impact

John is also credited with starting Resultant’s data analytics service line. After joining Resultant as employee number 13 in 2011, John saw the opportunity for the role data could play in dramatically reshaping and improving decision-making in government and for small- to mid-sized organizations. John started Resultant’s data analytics practice in 2013, which he grew from one to 40 people in less than five years. In the years since, Resultant’s data analytics team has expanded to 150 people. John’s efforts put Resultant on the map as one of three consulting firms nationwide shaping how local, state, and federal government agencies use data to drive policy- and decision-making.

John’s technical expertise has lent itself to several breakthrough innovations throughout the course of his career. Along with holding patents for aerospace engine design improvements, John created the concept for the Collaborative Research Environment Platform (CoRE)—a first-of-its-kind secure, scalable cloud environment where researchers and analysts can “meet” to collaboratively share and analyze data. CoRE helps state and federal government agencies drive value through collaborative analysis while protecting sensitive data and preventing misuse. Implemented as the award-winning Enhanced Research Environment (ERE) at the Indiana Management Performance Hub, CoRE proved crucial to the State of Indiana’s COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout and has revolutionized sensitive data-sharing and analysis by unlocking secure collaboration and facilitated complex modeling and machine learning.

John’s Community Contribution

In addition to his professional achievements, John stood out as a 2021 Forty Under 40 nominee for his involvement with the Penrod Society and Penrod Arts Fair. As a Board member, New Member Committee Chair and Art Fair Labor Committee Chair, John’s role involves bringing new members into the organization and managing the more than 250 Penrod Society Members and volunteers required to make the annual Penrod Arts Fair a reality.

John enjoys spending his free time with his wife, Ali—a 2009 recipient of IBJ’s Forty Under 40 designation—and two sons, Jack and Ryan.

Founded in 2008, Resultant is a trusted partner to more than 700 public and private sector organizations throughout the United States, and specializes in technology, data analytics, and digital transformation.


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