2020 Top Content on Resultant.com

2020’s most popular content on Resultant.com included a mixture of client stories, expertise, exciting news, and a look behind the curtain at Resultant culture. Explore these blog posts, case studies, and whitepapers to learn more about what has piqued our visitors’ interests over the past year.

Most Popular Reads on Resultant.com This Year

  1. Blog Post | Resultant Honored with Two TechPoint Mira Awards
    Resultant Consulting was honored with the receipt of two 2020 Mira Awards, Scale-up of the Year and Service Partner of the Year, during the 21st presentation of TechPoint’s annual Mira Awards.
  2. Client Story | City of Fishers: Tech Enablement
    Resultant teamed up with the City of Fishers to develop a technology and data strategy and update the city’s software systems. In this case study, we share the importance of taking the “partner” approach, instead of the “project” approach in order to greatly enhance the quality of the work completed.
  3. eBook| Finding Your Way through IT Managed Services
    Dive into this white paper to learn more about the pros and cons of outsourcing, routes to a successful partnership, and important details about methods for measuring a managed service provider’s performance.
  4. Media Mentions | Design Thinking’s Role in Enhancing Company Culture
    Behind every business problem sits a person experiencing it firsthand. Incorporating Design Thinking into our problem-solving approach helps our team lead with empathy and develop human-centric solutions to complex challenges. Read and listen to our CEO, Mark Caswell, discuss what Design Thinking means to him.
  5. Blog Post | Combating Infant Mortality with Determination and Data Insights
    This inspiring article discusses the amazing work that our dedicated team has done to reduce the infant mortality rate in Indiana to the lowest it has ever been. By analyzing social and economic data characteristics and leveraging relationships helped to improve health outcomes.
  6. Blog Post | On-Prem vs. Microsoft Azure Cloud Comparison
    Cloud technology continues to drive modernization efforts, but the switch from on-prem to cloud can be overwhelming. In this post from last year, we review common benefits of a cloud transition to help demystify Microsoft Azure Cloud for your business.
  7. Media Mentions | Reimagining Work for the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
    Our Chief Operating Officer, Natalie Litera, writes a fantastic article about how Resultant is focusing on redesigning the way we work during this time of COVID-19. She believes the three keys to for leaders to consider when reimagining work. These factors are involving employees in the process, gathering data, and view it as an opportunity to build something new.
  8. Client Story | Successful integration of Tax, Benefits, and Appeals at Launch for the State of Indiana’s Unemployment Insurance System
    With the help of Resultant, the State of Indiana was the first state to successfully modernize its unemployment system including integrated tax, benefits, and appeals modules at launch. This case study shares how Resultant helped to support Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development with this herculean undertaking.
  9. Blog Post | 5 Characteristics of a Successful Data Consultant
    To solve complex challenges with data solutions, top-notch technical skills are vital. However, successful data professionals also key skills like curiosity and collaborative communication that help them thrive in a fast-paced consulting environment.
  10. Web | Open Positions
    2020 hasn’t slowed down the growth of our team at all. 125 new Resultant employees joined our team this year, so it’s no surprise that our Careers section, most specifically, our Open Positions page was a popular place to visit this year. Interested in becoming a part of the Resultant team? Learn more about working at Resultant and our open positions here.



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