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What Our Partners Gain from Cloud Consulting

With an ever-growing technology landscape, your IT department needs to be flexible, scalable, and able to perform at maximum efficiency. Cloud computing offers solutions to many data and technology challenges your organization faces. Yet, without a trusted partner managing and guiding its implementation, a cloud solution can cause more issues while trying to solve the original ones.

Many cloud solutions are on the market today, most notably from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Without expert insight into the intricacies of each, you may end up with one that doesn’t serve your organization’s needs. In fact, you may already have one that’s falling short.

Resultant’s goal is to offer cloud consulting services that enable your organization to face and solve any challenges ahead while ensuring that the solutions implemented are the most beneficial for your organization and its future.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables remote access to system files and features from an individual's computer.

With the growing use of data in every industry, keeping all systems, information, and programs running smoothly on in-house servers has become more complex and less practical.

While many organizations use several cloud-based applications for individuals, some are hesitant to make a full company-wide transition—usually because of concerns about downtime, security, and accessibility. We take the time to listen to your needs, tailoring your solution and our approach to give you nothing to fear. Through our solutions, strategies, and guidance, we can ensure that you’ll be getting the most out of your cloud-based applications.


While the initial costs of a cloud-based server's implementation may seem substantial, organizations realize savings in the long run—and often in a shorter time than anticipated. With easier access to the data your employees need to increase efficiency, productivity, and insights, you’ll save both time and money. Our teams work with you to determine the solutions you need to help your organization. Resultant customizes plans and strategies to meet your unique needs.


The quantity of data the average company must maintain is staggering, and it increases every day. Technological advances will bring more data, not less. But simply having data doesn’t help you grow. Cloud computing solutions make it easier to access and analyze data that would otherwise slip through the cracks. This offers significant insights into productivity and performance that often sparks substantial change. With these insights in hand, we can work with you to build a more efficient and effective long-term business strategy that aligns with your goals.


One of the most common hesitancies to adopting cloud computing is security. When companies have a long history of solely on-prem servers, it can be challenging to trust that vital data and information are secure when kept in the cloud. However, it's not as easy as one might imagine for online hackers to access your data. In actuality, the cloud host constantly monitors the system and keeps it secure. Switching to a cloud-based infrastructure makes security and government compliance requirements easier to maintain long-term.

Disaster Recovery and Prevention of Loss

Disaster can strike at any moment, leaving organizations with major downtime. It happens to IT infrastructures that aren’t securely maintained and monitored and results in loss of revenue and overall productivity. In many cases, downtime also deeply impacts an organization’s reputation. Cloud computing offers a quicker way to recover in the case of a disaster, which could be, frankly, organization-saving. When 100% of your data isn't directly tied to on-prem computers and servers, you don't have to worry about flood or fire, physical deterioration, mechanical malfunction, or operator error that could wipe it all out.

Cloud solutions offer multiple redundant backups and security protocols that are far superior to keeping everything in house.

What We Do

Cloud Consulting Enhances Businesses and Organizations

All organizations require many resources to run efficiently and work toward being as profitable as possible. Our solutions teams plan and implement an IT strategy built around your cloud needs, assisting in a smooth transition to the cloud, aiding in system integration, and advising where your organization can improve.

When you partner with our team of cloud consultants, we work with you to identify all organizational needs that can be solved or streamlined with a full or partial cloud migration. Once identified, our team works with you to help gain a safer and more efficient cloud computing operation. Your cloud will be a lifeline to your organization; it's vital to ensure that it runs as smoothly and securely as possible, giving the right people the right access at the right time.

Getting Started

Resultant's cloud consulting services can help your organization by aligning your systems with updated processes and a solid strategy.

We start by assessing your business operation, which includes looking at your team, how they function, and your growth plan.

With the foundational understanding of your needs and plans for the future, we’ll collaborate with you to tailor-make the exact right solution for your business.

Our cloud consulting services include identifying and problem-solving to help your organization take full advantage of the cloud. Our team consists of certified specialists in various cloud platforms so that we can offer our expertise across all technology frameworks and installations.

With your needs in mind, our specialists can collaborate with you to discover all the options available to you and determine the best solution that will fit your exact requirements.

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