Meet Our People: Ryan Achterberg

“The short story is, I’ve been here a long time.” Ryan Achterberg, fondly referred to as “employee number 2”, joined Resultant in August of 2008.

What’s kept Ryan around for so long? The answer is the same for a lot of Resultant employees. The values of empathy and problem-solving, which he says have been woven into the fabric of the company since Day 1.

“Before we had our mission statement, those were the values, those were the things we embodied. Helping our coworkers be successful, educating them, training them, answering questions, being available, helping our clients in that same way, being able to learn from our clients and learn from one client and apply it to a different client. From my perspective, we are the embodiment of all those things.”

Ryan has been instrumental in many foundational departments within Resultant since its inception 14 years ago. Although he studied computer information systems in undergrad, and his initial career began on that track, he soon transitioned into other lanes. He began working in help desk administration and switched to consulting as the business took off.

Resultant has afforded me the opportunity to switch careers without switching companies. I’ve been able to continue my education, and it’s been a good opportunity to be able to explore other areas of technology and stay passionate about what I do.

– Ryan Achterberg

Through all his various roles at Resultant, Ryan appreciated the ability to problem solve beyond internal IT.

“I like to assess the problem, learn about the problem, and then create a way to solve that problem. In traditional internal IT there are some problems to go solve, but it’s not the norm. As you fix things, there are fewer and fewer problems, right? In the consulting field, every day is different. Every client is different. Every problem is different. And what I most enjoy is solving problems.”

According to Ryan, our mission to help our clients, co-workers, and communities thrive has been achieved and more. The journey with Resultant has been incredibly rewarding and culminated in something he never expected back in ’08.

“Being here since the beginning, I think that we have grown and done more than I ever possibly could have dreamed for us. Because of our people, because of our values, because of our mission.”

People like Ryan are a testament to the importance of living our values. When he reflects on his time at the organization, he highlights the guiding principles that Resultant was built on.

“It really has been a tremendous ride and there have been so many people, both current and former coworkers, that have contributed along the way. I just happen to be one of the few original folks left around to be able to tell that story. Every person that has come into our business and we have worked with have touched us in such a way have left an impact whether they believe that or not.”

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