Why Automation Changes the Game with Data Vault

WhereScape continues to push the boundaries of what data automation means. With the recent release of WhereScape Data Vault Express they have made the increasingly popular data vault 2.0 model more accessible to everyone. Data vault is an exciting way to handle your data that is better suited to large and fluid amounts of data, and a model that offers stronger auditing and change management. Let’s dive into what data vault is, and how automation makes it that much better.

Why Data Vault Matters

If you are not familiar with data vault, it is a hybrid model of the older and proven 3NF and star schema methods. Data vault offers: 

  • Resilience to changes in data – The way data vault is organized allows for changes in data parameters without having to change, or rebuild. This is great for industries that experience a lot of change in the data they collect like marketing and technology services.
  • Reduced risk – With higher resilience to change, it is far safer to deal with changes to the data pool. In traditional methods, updates are difficult and the danger of breaking something down the line slowly erodes IT’s ability to change.
  • The ability to handle a lot of data – As industries across the board begin to collect more data than ever, data vault is built to handle a large flow of data.
  • Lineage of data – With an infrastructure that supports tracking of any changes in the data you have the full history for auditing, making data vault a great fit for compliance driven industries like healthcare, manufacturing and food production.

Data vault might feel pretty appealing right now, but it is also very complicated. While the traditional dimensional model build reduces the number of tables, data vault actually more than doubles them during implementation. That’s part of the secret to its magic, but how do you handle building out a data vault and its complexity? Automation now makes data vaults much easier and faster.

Data Vault Express

WhereScape has integrated all of the rules for building a data vault into their new automation software. If data vault is your jam then see how Data Vault Express can help you out:

  • Reduce complexity, increase velocity – By creating a way to automate the data vault build process you can experience vastly reduced development times and cut the complexity down dramatically.
  • Reduce the risk – With an automated system that handles the rules of data vault and cut development risk and waste.
  • Integrated with WhereScape RED and 3D – If you have used WhereScape before then you know the power of designing with 3D and deploying with RED. Both services are fully ready to be used with WhereScape Data Vault Express.
  • Build it yourself – Data Vault Express opens up data vault to a whole new array of companies that couldn’t support the method previously, yet were ideal candidates.

We are very excited for WhereScape Data Vault Express and working with our clients to provide them the coaching and training they need to get the most out of the new platform. We believe data vault is a game changer for the right industries and companies.

While you might not need all of the features, but the rules based approach to generating a data storage layer, with such velocity, make it worth considering for anyone.

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