Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

As we wrap up 2017, we’re looking back on the most popular articles on the Resultant blog this year.

  1. Meet Our People: Readers continued to enjoy learning about the people who make up the Resultant team through our Meet Our People blog series.
  2. Our Transition to Microsoft PowerBI for Internal Reporting: Members of our team were tasked with finding an alternative solution to manual reporting. Read about our transition to Microsoft PowerBI for internal reporting to see if the solution might be helpful to apply to your organization, too.
  3. Five Differentiators of Great Project Management: Our belief is that great project managers don’t just manage a project; they lead it. Project managers that stand out possess the five qualities detailed in this post.
  4. Six Steps to Successful Office 365 Implementation: Learn the six steps the Resultant business technology team follows to ensure successful implementation of Office 365 for clients.
  5. Overcoming Barriers in Data Analytics Initiatives: The best way to overcome roadblocks is to understand what they might be and prepare in advance. This post walks through the four common barriers organizations experience when undertaking data analytics initiatives and presents ideas on how to plan for and prepare to overcome them.
  6. Why Technology Requires Empathy: Technology implementations often overlook an important element: the end user. How do you reach a thorough understanding of the people who will be using the technology to develop an effective solution for them? Empathy plays an important role.
  7. Product Management Matters Today More Than Ever: Today, we strive to communicate, collaborate, and operate more efficiently and effectively – requiring more out of our technology than ever. This has given rise to the discipline of product management and is the reason it continues to grow in importance.
  8. Developing Effective and Efficient Requirements: To assist you through the requirements-gathering process, our team compiled three tips that drive projects toward success.
  9. Find and Select Your Managed Services Provider: With so many options available, finding and selecting a managed service provider that is right for your organization can seem overwhelming. Review this post for evaluation criteria to get your search started.
  10. Strengthening the Weakest Link with Cybersecurity Education: One of today’s greatest threats is end-user-focused cyber attacks, also known as social engineering. This post shares steps to overcome the challenges of the current cybersecurity landscape.



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