Resultant’s 2017 Read, Listen, and Watch List – Part Two

In part two of our read, listen, and watch list, our team shares podcasts, media, and a few additional resources that helped the team be better consultants in 2017.

In case you missed it, we shared the team’s book and article recommendations in part one of our series.


How I Built This with Guy Raz

Hands down, one of our team’s most digested pieces of content in 2017. Guy Raz is an excellent host of this podcast that shares the stories of famous and successful entrepreneurs. In particular, his question on how much success was attributable to skill, hard work, or luck leads to fascinating answers, unique to each interviewee.

Some of the team’s favorite episodes include:

Spanx – Sara Blakely

Instagram – Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

Cliff Bar – Gary Erickson

Angie’s List – Angie Hicks

Patagonia – Yvon Chouinard

Real Estate Mogul: Barbara Corcoran

TED Radio Hour

There are many exceptional TED Talks out there, such as Brené Brown’s talk on vulnerability or the talk of labeling people (and how stickers changed her life) by local Indianapolis native, Holly Combs. The TED Radio Hour brings back TED Talk speakers to dive deeper into their areas of expertise. The Radio Hour is hosted by Guy Raz – and we’re sensing a pattern here.

StartUp Podcast by Gimlet Media

This podcast operates like a hidden-camera view of a business trying to get off the ground. Each season focuses on companies with different situations. For instance, the first season (arguably the best) revolves around Alex Blumberg’s launch of Gimlet Media. The podcast highlights start-up steps such as finding a partner, pitching to investors, raising capital, personal and work-life balance struggles, and more. It’s a must listen. Here is Episode 1: How Not to Pitch a Billionaire.

The Tim Ferris Podcast

The Time Ferriss Show is addicting largely due to Tim’s ability to extract information and deconstruct a person. You may find yourself stealing his questions, techniques on lifestyle design, and delivery style – we certainly did. Episodes that stood out include Jamie Foxx, Stephen Dubner, and Matt Mullenweg.

Reply All by Gimlet Media

A podcast about the Internet… and modern life. This podcast will make you laugh repeatedly while teaching you about memes, why you get weird, random calls, lords of the Internet, and why people show up to your house looking for their stolen cell phone. The Resultant team’s all-time-favorite episode features Alex Goldman (one of the hosts) tracking down a scammer all the way to a different country.

The Art of Charm

Jordan’s energy is contagious. Listening to this podcast simulates a caffeine break. Every episode inspires you to do something to improve your soft skills, or, according to Seth Godin, real skills.


This podcast focuses on one topic at a time, offering a deep dive into casual observations from why there are there so many mattress stores to what it takes to demonstrate true grit.

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin

A podcast featuring epics about history. Dan Carlin draws dozens of sources to pull varying perspectives on historical events. In a sense, Dan Carlin is the history teacher we never had.

Reboot with Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna is the entrepreneur whisper. His podcast walks through a day in the life of an entrepreneur – the highs, lows, and resulting psychological issues.

The Fantasy Footballers Podcast

We are big fantasy footballers here at Resultant. The podcast didn’t prove to lead to a winning season, but it did add insight and enjoyment to the process.


Abstract and Chef’s Table on Netflix

Both of these Netflix original series exhibit attention to detail, the tireless effort to improve one’s craft, and grit. Binge warning: if you watch one series, you’ll have to follow it with the other one.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

A story about finding your passion, continuing to perfect your craft, and truly loving what you do.

Icarus Documentary

Two sentences will not do this justice. This documentary captures how life and a story can lead you down a completely different path that you never expected to travel down.

Runnin’ Down a Dream

The story of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is phenomenal. The risks, clashes, obstacles, sacrifices, and overall perseverance to reach all-time stardom is worth observing. A comprehensive, well-documented account of this story told the year that Petty’s no longer able to share it himself.

Adobe Creative Cloud Live Streams

During weekly live video streams, professionals from different creative circles review one or more projects by explaining their inspiration, process, and secrets. These provided Resultant’s creative team with daily inspiration.

Clayton Christensen and Hiring a Milkshake

This video offers a different way of looking at the role of a product (including technology) has in our life.


Resultant employees use Calm and Headspace apps to support their mindfulness. These applications provide a medium for beginners to understand the foundations of meditation. The Calm app also features sleep stories for nights when counting sheep doesn’t work for you.


Netflix Culture Slides

Netflix takes a unique leadership and management approach to operating and growing its business. This slide deck shares Netflix’s unique approach, focusing on employee success and flexible processes. The 100+ slides are easy to digest and give readers the ability to extract information immediately.

Netflix - YouTube

Managing Complex Change Diagram adapted from Knoster, Villa, and Thousand

A picture can say a thousand words; this diagram about managing complex change can save a thousand projects.

Smart Trust Matrix by Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey is phenomenal at understanding psychological aspects of business professionals and applying them to develop employees and organizations. This matrix is a way to understand different levels of trust and the associated risk.

Lucid Chart Funny Flowcharts

Hey, flowcharts can be fun! These flowcharts are not only witty but well presented. We love the Fantasy Football Flowchart.

This is the tip of the content iceberg that Resultant employees have consumed this year. Don’t forget to review part one of the series to learn what books and articles the team enjoyed this year.

What will you add to your list in 2018?



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