Resultant: On a Mission

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” ~ Mark Twain 

The impact of the work we do at Resultant reaches far and wide. Take, for instance, the data analytics initiatives we’ve undertaken to help inform and address some of humanity’s most pressing problems: the opioid epidemic, infant mortality rates, child welfare, Medicaid, unemployment, and criminal recidivism. 

We’ve always had a client-first focus in our work, but we had an “aha” moment as we began 2019: The impact on our clients wasn’t our only motivator. The impact on our communities drives our teams just as much. So, we updated our mission statement to reflect that realization.  

In 2015, we established our mission as “help our clients and each other succeed.” 

For 2019, we updated it: “To help our clients, coworkers, and our communities thrive.” 

You’ll see a couple of small but significant changes in our verbiage. First, we expanded our “official” mission reach to our communities. Not only does our day-to-day work aid our communities, but our involvement outside the office does as well. In 2018, we hosted Indianapolis’s first “Brave Camp” as well as our inaugural Community Day. Our employees give back in numerous ways to the communities they live in as well. As an Indianapolis-based organization, we want to continue to make this city a remarkable place in which to live, work, play, and raise our families. 

The other word we changed in our mission statement was “succeed.” Of course, we want all of our clients to succeed. Client success and satisfaction is, after all, the best measure of our own success. But as we reflected on the word “success,” we noticed that it had a feeling of finality to it—as if we’d achieved a goal and there was nothing left to accomplish. Success also insinuates an internal focus directed at our clients. That’s why we chose the word “thrive” instead.

For Resultant, helping our clients, coworkers, and our communities thrive denotes an ongoing, trusting relationship that is about continually building up, and not stopping simply because we reached one goal post of success. Thrive is about more than the bottom line—it’s about the growth of each client, about their health and well-being, about their future success. That’s our mission—to leave our clients, employees, and communities better than they were before we were there. To help them thrive. 

A few small words can make a world of difference. 



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