Resultant Supports NSWC Crane Partnership by Opening New Office

Focusing on client outcomes also means staying alert to better ways of supporting their work. In the case of our partnership with Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) this meant opening a new office in Odon, Indiana, from which ten Resultant employees will operate as part of a team of over 40.

Since spring 2019, Resultant and NSWC Crane have collaborated toward securing the microelectronics supply chain, leveraging predictive analytics to improve radiation-hardened microelectronics testing efficiency, and utilizing advanced analytics to enhance the strategic planning process.

We are pleased to deepen our commitment to Crane and our support of their innovative work in the area of trusted and assured microelectronics and electronic warfare. Crane is pushing the security of our nation further and driving innovation across the state of Indiana by establishing itself as a leader in the area of leveraging advanced technologies to secure our nation. We are excited to take this next step in our relationship with Crane and look forward to continuing to grow our presence there.

– Mark Caswell, CEO, Resultant

Located in Crane, Indiana, NSWC Crane is the third-largest naval station in the world, with over 5,500 civilians and contractors on base. NSWC Crane’s focus is supporting the American military with state-of-the-art technology in three core areas: electronic warfare, strategic missions, and expeditionary warfare.

Resultant works with Crane to incorporate state-of-the-art capabilities around advanced analytics, technology, and digital transformation across its mission areas. For instance, Resultant is partnering with Crane to deliver the Automated Microelectronics Analysis and Reporting Optimization solution (AMARO) to address one of the most rapidly growing threats to our national defense by helping to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and identifying the supply chain risk for semiconductor components.

With more than 400 employees nationwide, Resultant has teams in Odon, Indiana; Indianapolis, Indiana; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Atlanta, Georgia; Columbus, Ohio; Lansing, Michigan; and Denver, Colorado, as well as employees dispersed across the United States. Resultant is growing its data and development team with open positions in data science, application development, technical delivery, and more. Learn more about our open positions.



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