CEO Mark Caswell on the Importance of ‘People Work’ in M&A

CEO Mark Caswell shared his thoughts on successful mergers and acquisitions in a recent piece for Forbes. Caswell’s argument takes Resultant’s overarching “people-first” approach and applies it to acquiring new businesses within your original one.  

“The key to a successful M&A isn’t in the financial data. Blending two separate organizations — each with distinct cultures, values, goals, and definitions of success—into one unified team is a deeply human process. The paperwork is the easy part. The “people work,” on the other hand, is where the rubber meets the road—and it’s often overlooked.” 

Caswell explains that sharing journeys and forming peer connections form the foundation of an employee experience. “Post-transaction, each organization must focus on moving forward as a new ‘we’ as quickly as possible. The more you refer to new team members by their former company name, the more it reinforces their ‘otherness.’ Instead, make it a point to use words that promote acceptance and inclusion, referring to the new employees as you would your existing employees. You’re not truly integrated until nobody talks about who you were before.” 

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