Building Connection in a Hybrid Work Environment

Returning to “business as usual” after the Resultant offices reopened in 2021 wasn’t possible. In 2020-2021, Resultant grew from 201 mostly central Indiana teammates to nearly 400 employees in 22 states across the US. Like many organizations, we realized the value of a new way of working for our team. This May, Resultant officially transitioned to a hybrid work environment to accommodate our national team and our employees’ preferences for a flexible work schedule. While this change was welcomed, it also deepened the need to be intentional about how we adapted and maintained our culture, built connections and infused our values with new and existing teammates. That intentionality gave birth to new opportunities to connect with all employees.

As the team grows, we continue to find new and more engaging ways to connect and learn together. Resultant’s CEO Mark Caswell recently wrote an article in the Indianapolis Business Journal about serendipitous moments in the remote work environment including micro-mentoring and scheduled and unscheduled happenings. Thinking empathetically about the employee experience while continually gathering—and acting on—feedback has helped build community and drive new ideas across the organization.

Connecting Resultant across the US

Communities of Practice

To enable learning together, we launched Communities of Practice (CoPs) last year. CoPs bring together employees from across teams to deepen their expertise, share experiences, and continue to build organizational best practices on subject matters such as project management, business analysis, and specific technology. CoPs ensure a common view and approach to work and roles, as well as confirm that available tools, knowledge, and talent are more widely shared.

Open, All-day Teams Meetings and Channels

For teams that were used working together onsite, transitioning to remote and then hybrid meant a new way to swivel your chair to ask a teammate a question was needed. That solution was to turn to all-day open Teams channels. Groups working through collaborative and tight timelines would spend the day on open channels via Teams to pose questions to the group, share learnings, and have open interaction that benefitted everyone. “It felt weird at first, but it was also nice having my co-worker available all day. I also felt less alone at home,” said Client Services Lead Sean Dietrich.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

To connect our national team in service, we host virtual volunteer opportunities for employees such as creating cards to uplift spirits, send support, and encourage children, families, seniors, and veterans in hospitals, schools, senior living, and rehabilitation centers around the world. We have also organized personal pantry cleanouts to donate food to those struggling with food insecurity.

Virtual Computer-side Chats

In a national, growing, and hybrid work environment, access to leaders has never been more vital. Resultant hosts virtual conversations—computer-side chats—every Friday to hear updates from leadership and build a culture of transparency. There are also opportunities for engagement and appreciation through monthly spirit days and high fives. Check out our Interim COO Louonna Kachur’s Forbes article on the importance of leadership availability through these computer-side chats.

Gathering Groups

With employees spread out, it’s not always easy to find the people who like what you like. But expanding interests and expertise together is part of the fun of working with a large team. We needed an inclusive space for people to find those with like-minded interests and Resultant gathering groups were born. Housed in Teams, each employee-run group explores a different interest, ranging from rock climbing to house plants to cocktail making. The chatter is regular and occasionally there are shared experiences in different cities and/or virtually. Gathering groups have allowed teammates to build personal connections and explore all kinds of interests together.

Coffee Dates

To build deeper personal connections within teams, some host regular coffee dates with teammates. Rezzers are randomly assigned to a small group to discuss fun, non-work-related prompts, such as, “If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?” Every person speaks once, keeps contributions under two minutes, and is encouraged to not talk about work. “Small groups helped us get to know people in depth because we already have large team meetings. The small groups were more personal,” said Manager of Data Science Amrutha Pulikottil.

Virtual Trivia and Happy Hour Get-Togethers

Coworkers attended trivia evenings to bond and unwind after the workday. “When you couldn’t go out, it was really nice to have a night where you weren’t glued to TV and you could interact with friends during trivia night in the comfort of your home,” said Senior Associate Consultant Tyler Wong.

Senior Consultant Stewart Burns added, “I will admit that it’s hard for me to get myself to go out after work but grabbing a drink and turning on Teams has made bonding with my teammates across the US that much easier.”

Our team—and the world around us—continues to grow and change.



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