Resultant, formerly KSM Consulting

With every problem we solve, every challenge we overcome, and every partner we get to a better place, we've learned more about ourselves. From day one, we’ve been writing our own story with support from our people, our partners, and our clients.

A brand that is uniquely and purposefully us.

It’s time for our brand to tell the story we’ve been writing all along.

Using the same collaborative approach that has produced transformational outcomes for our clients, we turned our focus inward to develop a brand that authentically represents our people, process, and impact on the world.

The Backstory

In 2008, a passionate group of problem solvers came together to form KSM Consulting––an IT advisory group. Though we shared the KSM name from our owner relationship, our team quickly forged an identity of our own with a groundbreaking approach to problem solving. For over a decade, we helped clients in the public and private sectors overcome their most complex challenges, creating better outcomes for people and organizations. During this time, we were writing our own story—but it needed a title as unique as we were. So, after a collaborative and thoughtful process, we finally arrived at our new name: Resultant.

What is "Resultant"?

Resultants are those who purposefully come together to produce a positive outcome. Our name symbolizes our commitment to empathy and collaboration—of not just delivering our clients the best solutions, but to deeply listening to them, understanding their needs, and learning from each other in the process. The force of Resultant comes from the combined knowledge, passion, and innovation of our team and partners.

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Partners with Purpose

Resultant serves as a true partner to our clients by solving problems with them rather than for them. We get there together so our clients understand their solutions just as deeply as we do, leading to positive impact and lasting success. As partners, we never lose sight of our purpose—achieving better outcomes for people and organizations so they can drive meaningful change in the world.

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Our Logo

Our visuals help tell our story and bring our brand to life. That’s why our logo is handcrafted for unique, authentic, and purposeful symbolism.

The balanced, humanistic mark conveys the value of personal relationships—that our outcomes always start and end with people. Exaggerated strokes symbolize breaking boundaries, and the forward, elevating motion represents an enduring commitment to lifting up our community.

Resultant’s logo intentionally resembles a signature to reflect confidence in completion and pride in our work.

Looking Ahead

To our partners and clients, thank you for being part of this incredible story. Going forward, you will experience the same passionate people, collaborative approach, insightful thought leadership, and transformational solutions that you know and trust from our team.

We’re not changing with our new name—we are more ourselves than ever.

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