Data Compliance Solution Delivered Right on Time for Financial Clients

SerTech is a financial services marketing company based in Dallas, Texas, and serving over 3,000 lending institutions. When recently enacted legislation prohibited credit unions from sharing sensitive membership data with third parties, they immediately realized the impact this would have on their clients, who depended on seamless data transfer to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Not having application development expertise, SerTech requested support from Resultant to build a compliant solution.



The Problem

Legislative changes required credit unions to modify their process for receiving membership data. SerTech needed to meet regulation requirements without creating additional burdens for over 2,000 credit unions and execute a solution within a very tight timeline. They needed to receive and track membership files from credit unions across the United States and the solution had to provide near real-time decryption.

Our Approach

This was a time-sensitive engagement, but meticulousness was essential. We started by assessing SerTech’s current state and asking the questions that would lead to their unique, tailored solution.

There wouldn’t be time for a do-over, so the solution had to be just right from the start.

Outcomes and Impact

  • We developed a platform- and operating system-independent solution to be deployed at thousands of credit unions with little or no IT support.
  • The system uses a backend database that receives, encrypts, and forwards membership data to credit unions.
  • The solution can process data in any layout and receive it on virtually any media.
  • Unattended processes minimize labor intensity.
  • A web interface provides reporting and status information.
  • SerTech continues to encrypt and forward membership files through their database with virtually no external system maintenance.

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