5 Benefits of Multisource Service Integration

For almost as long as technology has been essential to work and life, the Dunning-Kruger effect—the idea that those with a little bit of knowledge tend to grossly overestimate how much they know—also has been around. Coincidence? Maybe. But it’s big trouble for businesses when technology partners present themselves as all things to all clients. For many companies, data and technology are far too complex for any one partner to be able to expertly deliver everything they need to keep the organization at its data and technology best.

Organizations who need those services find themselves at an information disadvantage: They need someone who can deliver the goods without overselling their expertise. These days, that means finding several specialists to address a wide range of needs. That also necessitates finding a partner who can not only manage all those relationships but function well enough in the data and technology worlds that they can be proactive about managing projects and heading off issues.

That’s a multisource service integration (MSI) partner—an expert team to manage your data and technology projects, giving you a single point of contact and the peace of mind that your projects are moving forward effectively, efficiently, and with the specialists you need.

Take a look at the five greatest benefits MSI offers your organization here.

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