Meet Our People: Andrew Moster

Andrew is a technology problem solver who should thank his parents for sparking his interest in technology at an early age. Tasked with setting up the family’s high-speed Internet, Andrew became hooked on technology. Once his interest was piqued, Andrew sought out additional opportunities to problem solve technology challenges.

At the age of sixteen, Andrew launched his own technology company, finding the best way to learn was to get his hands dirty. Unsurprisingly, Andrew wanted more, so he began volunteering with a technology company to gain more experience. His motivator? Helping people find ways to overcome their technology challenges, no matter what.

Andrew lives out that dream for clients daily in his role as a System Administrator on the Resultant Business Technology team.

Share a little bit about your role at Resultant.

As a system admin, I provide technical support for clients. That includes things like Helpdesk support, IT projects, client training, systems review, solution design, assessments, and more.

In this role, I work closely with clients to resolve their day-to-day IT challenges. Sometimes I’m onsite with them helping troubleshoot issues. When we install a new technology at a client’s, I train their employees to build strong user adoption.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Every day is different. I love that. There are so many different problems to solve, and I get to help people in roles across their organization. I work with a diverse range of industries that have different systems, and all face unique challenges that our team gets to help them overcome. It’s never the same, so I’m always on my toes – excited for what’s next.

What is a stand-out Resultant memory you have?

Last year, I was part of a Resultant commercial that played during a conference awards our company-sponsored, the Midwest Multifamily Conference. Many of my clients were there, so when the commercial played and I popped up on the screen, people started yelling my name. It was awesome

What are you most known for around the office?

No matter whose office I am in, whether it’s the Resultant office or a client’s office, the answer is “being social.” I will talk to anyone.

Just for fun…tell us about an adventure you’ve gone on.

Well, it was a little crazy, but a few of my friends and I got the idea to ride our motorcycles to the very bottom of Florida. There were three of us. We did it. We were happy we did it. But, we’ll never do it again.



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