Why Resultant? Join Us to Make a Difference

Every year, we conduct an employee survey that poses questions about job satisfaction, what we’re doing successfully, how we can continue to grow, and ways we can improve our organization. In addition, we ask our employees what they like most about working at Resultant.

The number one answer, year after year?

The people.

“I love my job, and I love the people I work with.”

If you had the opportunity to thumb through some of our employee resumes, you’d find some pretty impressive stats: many advanced degrees, numerous technical and business certifications, a few doctorates, a plethora of languages spoken, thought leadership publications, keynote speakers… the list goes on.

Suffice it to say our people are pretty smart.

But not only are our people accomplished, they’re dedicated, highly-qualified, and vastly experienced. They’re driven to succeed. They truly want the best for our clients. And they’re kind. They’re the sort of people you enjoy working with during office hours and hanging out with after hours.

“This is the best group of people I have ever worked with – hands down.”

Do you know what happens when those types of people gather together to fearlessly problem solve? We’d like to describe it as magic, but it’s much more tangible than that. It’s focused, productive, innovative work that creates actual, positive change for our clients and for our communities.

From the opioid crisis to infant mortality to criminal recidivism, we’re addressing some of the most pressing human problems that exist today.

“The work we’re doing actually impacts real human beings in the world.”

Our clients—who range from small, private businesses to non-profits to government agencies—present us with their greatest challenges, and we develop thoughtful, effective ways to solve them.

Good people creating good solutions. Doesn’t that sound like a place you’d like to work?

“It sure is fun to solve problems and grow a company with your friends.”

Listen to what a few of our employees have to say about the Resultant culture… and then apply for one of our open positions.

We’d love to have you join our team.



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