On-the-job Learning Key to a Summer of Experience for Interns

How’d you spend your summer? An icebreaker for the first day of a new semester in college, a water cooler style prompt in a meeting. Whatever the reason for the question may be, Resultant’s class of summer interns will surely have something to brag about. This year’s class featured 12 students from Indiana University, University of Dayton, Ball State University, and Purdue University at Fort Wayne working in departments from App Dev, Tech Services, Internal IT, Data Science, Talent, Sales, Public Sector, and UX/UI.

Summer Internship Structure

Each week the interns were given access to leaders and taught the lessons these leaders learned throughout their careers, while also learning Resultant’s core values and applying them in the context of work and life. At the end of the program, the interns are asked to present their five-year plan, their personal and professional goals, and any other lessons learned throughout their time as part of a Capstone project.

Fostering the growth of young professionals is incredibly important to Resultant’s culture. Luke Wehner, Candidate Experience Specialist and Director of the Internship Program, stated, “We model our curriculum based on our values. We view development and growth through the lens of cultural adoption and ask- how our interns can become more affluent in Resultant’s cultural values.” This is demonstrated with weekly presentations from other business leaders, as well as the interns’ Capstone project.

Values-Based Mentorship

By ensuring a values-based focus, the interns are able to gain more experience and rub shoulders with career-adjacent mentors. “Mentorship is built into the program. The interns are mentored by me, their manager, and ‘Legacy Mentors,’ who are former interns turned full-time staff. Practical work contributions look different depending on each intern and their program, but all interns are asked to take on responsibilities that are necessary for project success and contribute to the end product, regardless of whether it is client-facing. I have seen tremendous growth in this type of setting.”

The internship program at Resultant is unique in that interns support client-facing work, which can be a rarity in the industry. Jack Gleaves, an IT intern, said about his experience:

“This summer internship was a great introduction to the tech consulting world and gave me the ability to meet and work with kind, motivated, highly-skilled people on important IT projects. I have really enjoyed my time at Resultant and am looking very forward to what the future holds for me as a Rezzer.”

On-the-Job Learning

The internship program’s foundation is on-the-job learning. As opposed to being talked at about technology services or consulting, the interns learn through experience. Interns also raved about the way Resultant’s values and determination in their work seeps into all that the organization works to accomplish.

“Everyone here is motivated to do their best work each and every day for themselves and for our clients. That desire to go beyond what is required of you is contagious and it’s something that everyone I’ve had the pleasure to work with spreads with compassion and kindness.” said Mackenzie Austin, Junior Data Scientist.

Though they only were a part of the team for a short period of time, the interns adapted to the culture well. They solved big problems, served clients, and committed to delivering key outcomes.

“The most rewarding part of the summer for me is watching the final Capstone presentations. We get to see what they learned, what they were working on, and what they’re proud of. The appreciation this intern class had for Resultant is what I love seeing as well as the impact the internship had and how successful they were,” said Luke.

Luke and his team have already begun recruiting for next summer’s internship program. Apply now!



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