A Day in the Life of a Business Intelligence Team Lead

Business Intelligence (BI) encompasses multiple data analysis practices including data mining, process analysis, performance benchmarking, and descriptive analytics. “BI is all about answering questions with your data and turning that data into actionable insights for the business,” shares Resultant BI Team Lead Anna Peterson.

Business intelligence is typically used to help companies work better or make improvements by melding past data and extrapolating future trends within the context of that organization’s current state. Visualized data also makes it easy to spot market divergences in order to quickly react to changing sector dynamics in near real-time. The bottom line is, if used effectively, data, and especially well-visualized data, can help with decision-making at almost every layer of an organization. 

How does the BI team work together?

Members of the Resultant Business Intelligence team work on the development of enterprise-class reporting tools and visualizations for a variety of industries. On a given day, this can include anything from designing and developing dashboards, scorecards, and other data visualization tools to building wireframes and POCS. The BI Team leverages off-the-shelf programs like Tableau and Microsoft’s Power BI, alongside custom-built reusable datasets and models, enabling quick project deployments for end users. BI team members also work to deliver accurate and concise data analysis in a timely manner, double and triple-checking databases for errors and finding new and innovative ways to display data for clients to view and interpret.

All this work is first and foremost done to help our clients turn data into insights and make better decisions. Solving big challenges and delivering great results to them is something many Resultant employees find highly rewarding. 

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