Why Businesses Grow Through Better Data Analytics

If you have even a passing familiarity with data analytics, you know that its premier promise is delivering insight you otherwise wouldn’t achieve. And if you haven’t started a robust data analytics program of your own, that promise could sound as impossible to achieve as it does highly desirable. Maybe that’s because you’ve been sitting on mountains of data without reaching the insight apex, or maybe it’s because it just smacks of “too good to be true.”

We can assure you: It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

To get a better sense of how that potential plays out for businesses that utilize data analytics effectively, we’ve summarized the kinds of wins we’ve helped clients achieve, no matter their starting point.

Better data analytics makes you a better partner to your customers.

You don’t want to be the person who can’t remember a name even after the third introduction. Your customers don’t want to receive introductory messages from one rep if they’re at the decision stage with another. Without adeptly utilizing the data you have on hand, there are infinite ways to bungle any contact.
On the other hand, when clear, accurate data is accessible to everyone in your organization, wires don’t get crossed, and finding clarity from customer data helps improve service at every step. Ensure you’re giving your teams the information they need to succeed by syncing first-party data to produce a single customer view that can be utilized to promote the right product at the right moment.

Where you go next is more than a guess.

Meandering can bring amazing surprises on a road trip. As a business strategy, it leaves a lot to be desired. When you know what your customers are getting up to—how they engage with your products and what they do with your website or the content you send—you have a much better understanding of what they want.
How you grow and which products you develop becomes much more strategic. You’re not asking renters to buy lawn mowers and wondering why the warehouses are still packed to the gills; you’re monitoring trends to form reliable predictions. The experiences you create align with the ways your prospects and customers interact with your digital products—and what they say about them online. You maintain a direct line to growth, not just identifying trends but predicting obstacles and finding opportunity.

Your processes become streamlined and efficient.

If you’re waiting around for someone to raise a hand and identify each of the ways your processes aren’t performing flawlessly, you have a long wait ahead. Data analytics gives you a clear, accurate, nearly immediate view of where inefficiencies muck up your efforts.

Better: leaning on analytics enables you to ask pertinent questions that guide your improvements, connecting you to answers about why your processes are off track, helping you predict future needs, and giving you a clear route to solutions.

You get more from your marketing budget.

One of the premier complaints about marketing efforts has long been that money pours into them and what happens next remains a mystery. Connecting the dots from campaign to new customer has become precise and illuminating for organizations who rely on data analytics. And customers who feel understood are much more likely to act.

Pinpoint which segments respond to which messaging where; understand which products get results in which contexts; and create more efficient campaigns that respond to profiles and needs. Understanding your various audiences fuels the effectiveness of not just how you do business and the products you develop but how and where you tell those stories to get results.

There’s a lot more to know about using data analytics to fuel your growth. Contact us for a data assessment and start getting more from your customer data.

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