Webinar: Agile Data Warehouse Benefits for People-Centric Outcomes

Nobody wants to begin an enormous project that will cost millions, take years to finish, and won’t do what they want it to at the end. Yet, that’s how many people approach data warehouse projects simply because they don’t know there’s another way.

An agile data warehouse approach brings quick wins

An agile, people-centric approach to building a cloud-based data warehouse can have your business reaping benefits in far less time and for far less money than you’ll experience with a traditional approach. CDO Magazine recently brought together thought leaders from Resultant, RuffleButts, Coalesce.io, and Fivetran to discuss this revolutionary approach to data warehouses.

“At the end of the day, I needed very useful answers, and I needed this thing to be useful. We had a lot of questions people in the business—including myself—were asking and we needed a very structured result very quickly,” said RuffleButts CFO Matt Tischler about the agile data warehouse project using Coalesce he completed with the Resultant team.

Check out the recording of the Agile Data Warehouse Benefits for People-Centric Outcomes webinar below to learn:

  • Why agile data warehouses can bring quick results for less money than you think.
  • How an agile, people-centric process ensures users can access exactly the data they need—even when what they need changes.
  • Practical data warehouse advice you can act on today.

Panel experts outline people-centric benefits

In addition to Matt, the webinar panel included:

Watch the recording; then, if you’re looking for more practical advice for some quick wins, contact us to set up a free, 30-minute whiteboarding session with a data warehouse expert.

Agile Data Warehouse Benefits for People-Centric Outcomes

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