Young Professionals of Central Indiana Women in Tech Event Recap

Resultant is driven by our passion for helping organizations overcome their biggest challenges. And while our empathetic approach to problem-solving is driven by data analytics, technology, and digital transformation, it’s also rooted in our values, focused on our clients, and for the good of our communities. This ensures our solutions are meaningful, transformative, and forward-thinking.  

This spirit of dedicated helpfulness permeates our culture both during and after work hours. We are constantly surprised by the commitment our employees make to their jobs and our clients, but also to their neighbors and communities. 

Whether it’s through volunteer opportunities, continuing educational development, company outings, team competitions, social events, and more, we are constantly supporting, encouraging, and challenging each other to be our best selves.  

We recently had the opportunity to partner with Young Professionals of Central Indiana (YPCI) as a sponsor for their Women in Tech 2021 event, which featured a panel of successful women sharing how they overcame adversity and are now thriving in their current roles. Our own Senior Data Scientist, Luke Zhang, is the Vice President of YPCI and assisted in the planning of the event.  

“Indianapolis is a booming tech city where tons of great companies have established their presence. It’s extremely inspiring to see so many great women tech leaders making significant impacts at those organizations. This Resultant-sponsored Women in Tech event not only recognizes these female industry leaders for their wonderful achievements, but also gives the next generation a model to follow, and inspiration for their own career aspirations.”

Luke Zhang, Vice President YPCI

As part of its mission to connect young professionals, every year YPCI sponsors and organizes a variety of events including speaker series’, mixers, and panel discussions such as this one. Luke sees the value in these events connecting young professionals like himself with potential mentors.  

“Throughout my career, I’m extremely lucky and blessed to have been connected to many well-established mentors. They are not only successful in their professional life, but also outside of work. However, not everybody has easy access and connections to those great leaders. YPCI Quarterly Higher Perspective Talks provide a perfect platform for emerging young professionals to listen to the words and wisdom from more experienced and senior professionals.” 

Resultant is proud to partner with organizations like YPCI who share a similar charge to foster the next generations of business and technology leaders through mentorship.  




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