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The Keys to Designing an Office with Purpose

In 2018, we opened our downtown headquarters as KSM Consulting, calling the space KSMC111, since renamed to Resultant111. Here we share the story of some of the elements of our culture woven into that space.

With the official opening of our downtown headquarters, we’re pretty excited about working in our new space. Our office design is full of unique features—and two of our favorites are a keyboard art installation commissioned by the Corporate Fine Art Group and fabricated by Craig Valentine and several handcrafted pieces of furniture created by the talented people at Purposeful Design

A sculpture that’s just our type.  

When searching for ideas about how to furnish our office, we wanted to come up with something unique that truly represented our history and values. Our design team at DELV Design presented the idea for a custom art installation made of keyboard keys, and we were thrilled. The resulting installation represents Resultant’s history with technology and work to help move clients from darkness, or the unknown, to light, or success. The title, “People are Key” represents the artist’s connection between the keyboards as a tool for the people that use them. 

“People are Key” Art Fabrication

Here are a few interesting facts about the piece: 

  • The sculpture is made from 11,500 individual computer keys from 625 keyboards 
  • The keyboard and keys were sourced from around the country through technology recyclers 
  • The keys come from keyboards spanning a 40-year period 
  • The fabricator hand-routed 91 tracks for setting the keys 
  • The finished size is 7’9″ x 5′ 7″ with a five-inch frame 

Small moments of delight were embedded in the design of Resultant111, and this installation is proving to be just that. It’s a focal point as people walk through the office, touch it, and search for the hidden words of Resultant values. 

Adding purpose to our office design. 

It’s not every day that we get excited about office furniture. But with a new office that includes unique pieces by Purposeful Design—a custom furniture company based in Indianapolis—it’s hard not to. 

Conference Room 111 Table built by Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design’s mission is to help rebuild the lives of men broken by addiction or homelessness by equipping them with valuable carpentry skills. They not only serve the Indianapolis community but also build beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture that we’re using to add both personality and functionality to our new space. Two conference tables and two bar counters were developed by the craftsmen at Purposeful Design, to much acclaim by our employees and guests. 

DELV Design helped us infuse our culture and work into Resultant111, designing for both functionality and creativity. The space offers moments of delight throughout that offer a connection to creativity and Resultant. 



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