TechPoint “Service Partner of the Year” for Cutting-edge Risk Illumination Solution

INDIANAPOLIS (July 9, 2020) — Resultant, a leading technology services firm specializing in technology, data analytics, and management consulting, was named 2020 Service Partner of the Year by TechPoint, a nonprofit, industry-led growth accelerator for Indiana’s technology ecosystem, during its annual Mira Awards ceremony.

Resultant received this award in recognition of the work it has done in partnership with the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division to develop a prototype for an Automated Microelectronics Analysis & Reporting Optimization solution (AMARO) that automates and enhances the current risk illumination and assessment process for the global supply chains of the microelectronic components that are integral to our most strategic weapon systems and warfighting assets.

“I could not be more proud of Resultant’s team, or more grateful for Crane’s leadership and support on this project. AMARO addresses one of the top risks to our national security, the microelectronics supply chain,” said Resultant CEO Mark Caswell. “Our belief is that this cutting-edge technology can be used across a number of areas to improve our country’s capabilities and significantly decrease risk.”

Solution Impact on National Security

One of the most rapidly growing threats to national defense is the ability to secure the complex global microelectronic component supply chain integral to the nation’s defense systems. Due to technology’s rapid development and the evolution of the industry, microelectronic components are now primarily secured through global supply chains instead of through domestic manufacturing. This has significantly changed the risk exposure for the US military, and Crane is leading the nation in the proactive identification and illumination of supply chain risks for these critical microelectronic parts.

Despite procurement volume, Crane’s process for risk identification was extremely manual and time-consuming. As a result, Resultant was asked to develop the AMARO solution to bring advanced analytical capabilities to bear in order to help automate and enhance the risk illumination and assessment process in order to identify critical nodes in design, production, and distribution when a product may be susceptible to malicious insertions, inferior substitutions, supply interruptions, or IP theft.

The solution includes automated data ingestion to drastically improve the efficiency of report generation; probabilistic record linkage to connect people, parts, companies, and regions across differentiated supply chains; machine learning techniques to formulate scores for key risk areas and predict future outcomes; and multi-level network mapping to clearly display and track the evolving relationships discovered through the automated ingestion and analysis of thousands of structured and unstructured datasets.

“We are excited to roll out this technology to the field,” said Adam Hauch, supply chain awareness and security technical lead for the Global Deterrence and Defense Department, NSWC Crane. “The AMARO tool will allow us to quickly and thoroughly examine the supply chain of commercial microelectronics, as well as identify vulnerabilities and over-reliance in a more strategic manner. This is a capability that will directly lead to improving our supply chain awareness and security.”

About NSWC Crane Division

The Crane Division (NSWC Crane), located in Crane, Indiana is a shore command of the U.S. Navy and the third largest naval installation in the world. NSWC Crane’s total focus is to support the Warfighter by leveraging its technical capabilities for the rapidly changing combat environment. Anchored by technical expertise, a strong work ethic, and total lifecycle leadership, NSWC Crane’s personnel and preeminent facilities set the standard for excellence in acquisition, engineering, and sustainment. NSWC Crane provides comprehensive support for complex military systems spanning design, development, deployment, and sustainment in three focus areas: Electronic Warfare, Strategic Missions, and Expeditionary Warfare.

About Resultant

Resultant, LLC is a technology, data, and digital transformation firm. Resultant works in both the public and private sectors across all industries to help clients fulfill their missions, meet their goals, and solve their toughest challenges. Employees embody Resultant’s values of Client Focus, Fearless Problem Solving, Empathy, and Deep Expertise while “helping our clients, coworkers, and communities thrive.” The firm serves clients nationally from its headquarters in Indianapolis.



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