Louonna Kachur Weighs In on Leadership and Remote Work

In a recent article for Forbes magazine focused on leadership strategy through the lens of remote work, Resultant’s interim COO Louonna Kachur spoke on the importance of mentorship and availability of leadership for employee engagement. Acknowledging the open office environment with easy access to colleagues and socialization is no longer our approach to work, Resultant developed new measures to ensure employees feel listened to and taken care of. These include virtual office hours and weekly “Computer-Side Chats.” 

“Pre-pandemic, I would sit in a conference room every Thursday so anyone could stop by and ask a question or just chat for a few minutes,” said Kachur. “We wanted to create that same feel in a virtual environment, so now department heads will open up an online chat room where anyone can pop in. It’s a virtual representation of a room where people can float in and out, open-house style.” 

Kachur emphasizes the importance of creating a plan and sticking to it. Whatever the promise, it must be established. “You have to keep it predictable,” said Kachur. “The computer-side chats are short enough that everyone can keep it on their calendar, and it always happens on Fridays at the same time. People come to office hours because they know exactly what they’re going to get from the experience. People will only keep attending and engaging if the content is intentionally thought out and well communicated. We’ve never made computer-side chats mandatory, but we’ve seen consistently good participation because the content is useful to people. ” 

Read the full article on Forbes.com.  

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