Resultant appoints Director of Data Analytics

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 17, 2019) — Resultant, a leading consulting firm specializing in technology, data analytics, and management consulting, announced today that it has hired Michael Schwarz, former Executive Director of Information Services at Indiana University Health, to oversee Resultant’s advanced data analytics consulting services. 

“Michael Schwarz’s experience leading projects that utilize data to improve lives is invaluable to Resultant’s rapidly growing data analytics practice,” said Mark Caswell, CEO of Resultant. “I’m thrilled to welcome Schwarz to the leadership team and look forward to watching how he furthers the Resultant team in solving complex challenges for our communities and clients.” 

As Director of Data Analytics, Schwarz’s role involves overseeing the practice’s delivery of data projects and leading a team of advanced data professionals including data engineers, architects, analysts, and scientists. Prior to joining Resultant, Schwarz oversaw IU Health’s central data “hub” that provided analytics to business units and facilities throughout the health system in Indiana. In his three years at IU Health, Schwarz led projects that addressed challenges like infection prevention and readmission risks. 

“I’m very interested in tying large data sets together for the betterment of the community, which falls in line with Resultant’s mission,” said Schwarz. “The scale and the speed at which Resultant can help organizations improve community and business outcomes using data-driven initiatives is exciting.” 

In June 2019, Resultant acquired Indianapolis app development company Connect Think, bringing the total number of 2019 hires to 71 and the total number of employees to 168. Resultant plans to hire over 100 employees by the end of 2019 to support its rapidly expanding consulting practice. 

Founded in 2008, Resultant is a trusted partner to more than 300 public and private sector organizations throughout the United States. Resultant specializes in technology, data analytics, and management consulting. 

About Resultant 

Indianapolis-based Resultant, LLC is an independent technology, data analytics, and management consulting firm. Resultant works in both the public and private sectors across all industries to help clients fulfill their missions, meet their goals, and solve their toughest challenges. Employees embody Resultant’s values of Client Focus, Fearless Problem Solving, Empathy, and Deep Expertise while working to fulfill the mission of “helping our clients, coworkers and communities thrive.” The firm serves clients nationally from its headquarters in Indianapolis.



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