How Research-Based Design Helped Shape Resultant

In 2018, we opened our downtown headquarters as KSM Consulting, calling the space “KSMC111,” now “Resultant111.” The story of finding and working with partners that best reflected our culture and approach to work is shared here.

At Resultant, our job is all about finding the best solutions for our clients. But when it came to designing Resultant111—our new downtown office and innovation center—the challenge became finding the best solution for us. 

We started this process for a few reasons, and one of the biggest was that we needed more space for our growing team. We also felt that a functional, inspiring space created to increase opportunity for collaboration and Design Thinking-oriented problem solving would increase productivity—and would lead to better solutions for our clients. 

So, we did the research. That meant engaging every member of our team with the help of DORIS Research, an Indianapolis-based Design Thinking research firm focused on creating better, more productive workspaces. Our partnership with DORIS gave us a better understanding of what our different employees needed, and it helped each team member share their thoughts in an interactive way—everything from discussions, to prototyping potential solutions in our actual office. It reinforced that individual feedback was valuable and let employees know that their opinions would influence important design decisions. 

One of the first things we learned was just how differently our practice areas operate, and we wanted to respect that in designing our second office location. To make 111 work for our teams, we designed it with a wide range of working styles in mind—and we wanted to make it easy for our practice areas to collaborate on different projects. Our researched-based design approach made this possible, and with the help of DELV Design, we’re finally seeing 111 come to life. 

We couldn’t be happier with the result: a creative environment that is both functional and inspiring. We’re excited to see how our employees and clients benefit from the space.




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