A Day in the Life of a Business Systems Consultant

What a Resultant Business Systems Consultant Role Looks Like 

Many of Resultant’s team members work as consultants, serving a multitude of both public and private sector clients. Our Business Systems Consultants use business analysis and information technology tools to evaluate an organization’s operating methodologies and procedures to better understand their overall needs, which can then be formalized into a strategic change roadmap.

These consultants typically meet with system users to understand the day-to-day activities and pain points they experience, speak with those managing the client’s technology systems, and evaluate alternative IT systems that could better fit the client’s current and future needs. Once this assessment is completed, Business Systems Consultants analyze costs and benefits, develop implementation roadmaps, and then work with the organization’s software developers or technology teams to implement the new systems. 

Resultant Business Systems Consultants work closely with key client stakeholders to ensure that not only the right technology is chosen for a given solution proposal, but, most importantly, that those involved with the new system understand how the changes will affect them and their job orientation.  

Meet Zak Aker (Senior Consultant) and Juan Arellano (Business Systems Consultant) 

“We are the bridge between the government client and the development team. Part of that is being boots on the ground for the software development life cycle.”  

Zak Aker and Juan Arellano work closely with clients in the public sector, including government agencies, police departments, public transit officials, public education administrators, public healthcare providers, and more. Oftentimes, these clients are challenged with legacy technology implementations that can be incredibly outdated and inefficient to use. Juan and Zak work with the clients and the Resultant delivery excellence teams to find the most cost-effective and beneficial solutions for each specific interaction. 

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