Tailored Pathways: Customized Workforce Solutions for Veterans, Returning Citizens, and the Unemployed

In today’s ever-evolving job market, certain populations face unique and significant hurdles in securing meaningful employment. Veterans, individuals involved with the justice system, and those currently receiving unemployment benefits are among these groups. State and local government agencies continuously seek innovative solutions to support these individuals in their quest for training and job placement. At Resultant, we understand these challenges on a deeply human level. Developed to address these challenges, our Workforce Recommendation Engine (WRE) leverages state data and creates personalized workforce recommendations tailored to each individual’s needs, offering hope and a clear path forward to employment. 

Empowering Veterans Through Tailored Job Placement

Understanding the Challenge

Veterans make unparalleled sacrifices for our country, but often encounter obstacles when transitioning to civilian life. These individuals possess highly valuable skills that don’t always precisely align with civilian job descriptions, creating an employment gap that requires support and action.  According to McKinsey research, out of approximately 150,000 service members transitioning annually from the military, about 90,000 earn less than they did on active duty. Veterans without bachelor’s degrees make up a higher percentage of those who earn less when entering the civilian workforce.  

State and local government agencies with veteran and workforce development oversight responsibilities strive to bridge this divide but often need more effective tools to align veterans’ military experience with civilian job opportunities. 

How the Workforce Recommendation Engine Helps

The Workforce Recommendation Engine can provide a tailored approach to workforce development for veterans. By integrating data from their military training, previous occupations, and industry experience, the WRE makes targeted recommendations for civilian job placements and relevant training programs that resonate with their unique stories. 

Making a Difference

The WRE can seamlessly guide veterans from their specific military skill sets to compatible civilian occupations. It clearly illustrates trade-offs between various career paths, allowing veterans to make informed decisions about their post-service careers. For example, a veteran trained as an Army IT specialist may receive recommendations for roles in cybersecurity within the tech sector, with a pathway through specific certifications that advance their civilian careers. This personalized guidance not only increases veterans’ awareness of their career options but also instills confidence in their ability to thrive in civilian roles—empowering them to build fulfilling futures. 

Supporting Reemployment for Justice-Involved Individuals 

 Understanding the Challenge

Justice-involved individuals often face stigma and barriers that can hinder their journey toward meaningful employment. Gaps in employment history and a lack of current training contribute to these challenges. A recent National Employment Law Project article stated that employment is the single biggest influence in decreasing someone’s likelihood of recidivism. At two years post-release, roughly twice as many unemployed people recidivate as compared to those with jobs. 

Corrections agency and reentry programming professionals engage in committed action to support these individuals reentering the workforce—essential work that requires understanding, compassion, and effective tools. 

How the Workforce Recommendation Engine Helps

The Workforce Recommendation Engine provides a structured path for incarcerated, previously incarcerated, and otherwise justice-involved individuals to reenter the workforce and develop their skills. By assessing individual backgrounds, previous occupations, educational history, and demographic data, the WRE aligns these inputs with local labor market needs and successful outcomes of similar reentry profiles. 

Making a Difference

For instance, an individual with a background in construction before incarceration may receive recommendations for roles in the expanding green energy sector, such as solar panel installation, which requires relatively short-term training. The WRE recommends training programs and provides insights into job demand forecasts, median wages, and required certifications—all accessible in a user-friendly way. This personalized career guidance not only helps reduce unemployment rates but also lowers recidivism, fostering stable and successful reintegration into society. By providing justice-involved individuals with clear, actionable guidance, we can support them in rebuilding their lives—creating positive ripples throughout their communities. 

Assisting Unemployed Citizens in Finding Sustainable Employment  

Understanding the Challenge

Navigating the fragmented workforce system can be overwhelming for citizens on unemployment insurance (UI), making it even more difficult to find suitable employment. State unemployment offices and workforce agencies work to support these individuals but often aren’t fully equipped to deliver personalized and efficient job recommendations. Many states rely on disparate, static work search platforms that require users to manually build their profile and navigate complex filters and searches to find job opportunities. 

How the Workforce Recommendation Engine Helps

The Workforce Recommendation Engine addresses these challenges by using data from unemployment insurance, education, and other state databases to deliver personalized job recommendations. WRE considers previous occupations, industry experience, education levels, and local job market conditions to provide comprehensive and individualized career pathways directly to users. 

Making a Difference

Citizens using an unemployment system such as Indiana’s Uplink—the country’s first modernized unemployment insurance system—get customized job recommendations directly through their UI portal. For example, an individual previously employed in retail may receive recommendations for customer service roles in sectors like tech support or healthcare administration, where there is high demand and a skills match. The WRE’s user-friendly interface illustrates trade-offs between job options and training requirements, empowering users to prioritize factors that matter most to them, such as job location and wage potential. 

The result is a more confident citizen and an informed job search process that reduces confusion, providing clear guidance. This ensures that more individuals pursue in-demand skills and secure sustainable employment, benefiting themselves, their families, and the broader economy. By helping unemployed citizens navigate their career paths with clarity and confidence, the WRE fosters resilience and empowers individuals to take control of their futures. 

WRE can scale for any population

The Workforce Recommendation Engine is more than just a tool; it’s a beacon of hope for state and local government agencies committed to transforming the lives of vulnerable populations. At Resultant, we understand the deeply human challenges faced by veterans, individuals involved with the justice system, unemployed citizens, and others. Through thoughtful collaboration and cutting-edge technology, the WRE offers personalized, data-driven solutions that pave the way for meaningful and sustained employment. Together, we can champion outcomes that drive economic prosperity and create lasting impacts for individuals, families, and communities—ensuring no one is left behind on their journey to success. 

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