Dave Haas

Dave Haas

Business Development Executive

Dave Haas
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Dave Haas got his first taste of tech in high school when he won the Westinghouse Science Award for a science fair project done with his Atari 800.

He jumped into his career on the technical track, but had the good fortune to work closely with sales and marketing teams. When he realized his superpower was being able to explain, in simple terms, how very technical products work and how they can help clients win, his career path pivoted to sales and marketing.

He’s been part of four early-stage companies—one that went public and three that were acquired—and led teams bringing multiple successful products to market that have realized over $10 million in revenue. Dave has also written articles and content for numerous publications.

Dave’s favorite part of the job is seeing clients and colleagues thrive; he values integrity, honesty, and accountability. He is committed to enhancing his team and their skills at helping clients align technology with business objectives to achieve superior outcomes. His years of experience in sales and marketing help the team solve some of their most complex challenges.

Outside of the office, Dave enjoys a good round of golf and a fun-sized surf. He lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and loves spending time on the water with his family.

He has yet to weigh in on the current office pool about whether he descends from the Haas avocado fortune, Haas racing, or Dr. Helmut Haas, discoverer of the precedence effect in psychoacoustics.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
  • Johns Hopkins University, Master of Science, Business
  • Star of Excellence Award, Freeman Company

Favorite Resultant Value

  • Purposeful Empathy


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